Wednesday, July 1, 2020

YouTubeTV Price Inflation!!

I just received this notice from YouTubeTV:
Hi Robert,
As we pass the 3-year mark for our service, we want to sincerely thank you for being part of our journey and share a few updates on the future of YouTube TV.
We built YouTube TV to bring you the best of live TV, delivered how you want it, without commitments. Since our launch, we’ve listened to your feedback and worked to build an experience that fits the needs of everyone in your household.
Today we are also adding more of ViacomCBS’s family of channels to YouTube TV, which includes 8 of your favorites: BET, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network, TV Land, and VH1.
To continue delivering the best content and service possible, we’re also updating our price for new and existing members to $64.99/month. Your base membership price will change on 08/05/2020. To check on the status of your account, go to your Settings > Membership page for updated information.
We don’t make these decisions lightly, and we realize how hard this may be for our members. This new price reflects the rising costs of content, and we also believe it reflects the complete value of YouTube TV.
The basic part of my YouTubeTV membership is currently $49.99 so we are talking about a 30% increase in the price.

Prices are going down for the things we aren't using and going up for the things we do buy.



  1. In other words. (And i got the same message as i was as unhappy with what they offered along with netflix and hulu...which is why i cancelled...)

    .... We are raising our prices because we dont know how to actually compete in a free market without fleecing you for things we can not give you.............

  2. Yep. I cancelled youtube tv when the governments cancelled sports. It was the only thing I watched. And although I am stupid, I am not yet completely stupid enough to watch sports with cardboard cutout fans or empty seats. So i will save money on tv for another year at least I guess.


  3. Serious question? Does YouTube TV offer enough programming to compete with cable? I ask because they are charging cable TV rates right there.

    1. Even considering my disgust with YouTube over censorship (which is about the same as my disgust over the years with cable's crony position), YouTubeTV is a far superior product to cable. There are about 70 channels, including the local channels, in the basic package, unlimited DVR on 6 devices (phone, tablet, etc), no crappy obsolete dvr box you have to put in your house, and best of all no contract. So when sports was cancelled, I cancelled my YouTubeTV immediately. And if I feel like coming back one day (meh...), I would go back to them over cable with no reservation.

  4. Youtube playing the same game as the cable TV companies is not really good evidence of price inflation. Cable TV companies add and subtract channels from packages and increase rates every year. Youtube likely now feels they don't have to offer as big of a discount over cable tv and has decided to raise rates and see how many customers they lose. It's the pay tv game and I got sick of playing it so I canceled cable and I saw the same game in the streaming services (although not as bad then) and thus replaced it with nothing. Cable channels had gotten so bad for the most part I don't miss them.