Monday, August 3, 2020

Another Subscriber Problem With the EPJ Daily Alert

So much for deflation.

I repeat, prices are climbing for the things people want to buy.

Just wait and see what happens to gold when Americans get their second bailout checks.

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Please note: Past spectacular forecasts do not necessarily mean future spectacular forecasts.



  1. I follow vox day daily as well and he is a deflationist. He even had doubled down on deflation in a recent post. I would love to see you two debate each other. He is a smart guy and well read. He wrote a book after the 2009 crash called The return of america great depression.

  2. I think what some are calling deflation is another large stock market correction and rapid movement from stocks and gold back into the dollar. From what I've listened to and read, some individuals think the demand for dollars will be greater faster than the Fed can print so all assets will get sold off. Cash flow issues versus quantity.