Thursday, August 27, 2020

Lockdown Trauma: Salesforce Laying Off 1,000 Employees

Salesforce Inc. has started to notify some of its staff they could lose their jobs, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Around 1,000 of Salesforce’s 54,000 employees will be affected, The Journal notes.

The paper adds:
For [lefty Salesforce Chief Executive] Benioff, who has made social causes a big part of his public persona, the layoffs come at an awkward time...Mr. Benioff, on [an] analysts call, said the pandemic has been a trying time for his company’s employees, with a third suffering mental-health challenges.
Benioff in March pledged on Twitter that the company would avoid any significant layoffs for 90 days during the COVID-19 panic. But enough of that socialist save the people stuff for Salesforce, the 90-days has passed and Benioff, on a personal level, has apparently chosen capitalism over a Salesforce guaranteed income for life for those in mental anguish who are on the chopping block.

Word is, though, that the severance will be generous.


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