Wednesday, September 16, 2020


The California exodus continues.

The Daily Wire, the conservative media company started by Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boreing and Caleb Robinson, has announced plans to move its headquarters from Los Angeles to Nashville.

Boreing said that the move was being made due to a declining quality of life in the city, including high housing costs and homelessness.

The publisher’s 75 employees based in Los Angeles are being given until Oct. 1 to decide whether to make the move, Boreing said. He said that it looked like about 80% would make the move.

EPJ may not be far behind the Wire.

It probably won't be Nashville but California has become a nasty, ugly old broad.

Here is another indication of the direction people are headed in. It costs nothing to rent a U-Haul to drive to California but it is a small fortune to rent a U-Haul to exit California.

(Via Mark Perry)



  1. CT is welcoming many new residents Bob. Make the move to New England and I'll be happy to show you some of the best pizza and beer this country has to offer.

  2. If you decide to stay in the U.S. my vote is for South Dakota. I don't live there but Rapid City is near the mountains and quite beautiful. However, it is not urban and is geographically the opposite of San Francisco. I suggest it because South Dakota and its governor in particular have had the most rational response to the covid-19 hysteria.

  3. On the other hand...there is nothing like living in the belly of the beast to motivate an enduring fighting spirit. And if you moved to a bucolic South Dakota there would be few opportunities to walk on the wild side. California may be the best place for you.

  4. If "CT is welcoming many new residents" that's news to me. And if they are coming in, they must be economically illiterate. Connecticut has an income tax; Connecticut has high sales taxes; Connecticut has high gas taxes (and lumps the sales tax atop the gas tax!; Connecticut has high property taxes including taxes on personal property. Connecticut has been "ruled" by dumb democrats for decades and even sends some of their dumbest to Washington to do even more economic damage. Everyone thinks that Connecticut is a "rich" state but it actually has 3 of the poorest cities: Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport. Forget Connecticut; it's a lost cause. Believe me, I know.

    1. Poor Sean, he's really chuggin' the Kool-Aid. I predicted a while ago that Wenzel was not long for S.F.. We could start a pool where the winner is judged by "crow flies" miles from where R.W. ends up.
      My guess is Jekyll's Island. (It's really nice).

    2. Maybe you need to keep up Dominick. It's been well reported that Fairfield County/CT is flooded with fleeing New Yorkers.

      And to you fine Captain, I'm not suggesting anyone move here or that it is any type of panacea, merely sending an open invitation to show someone around if they do so...

  5. Man, all those damn commies coming to Texas. I guess Houston is a good place though if you like a cluster fuck of a city filled with and operated by 'duh-versity'.

  6. I recommend Chattanooga, TN. If you want a beach, then St. Augustine, FL.

  7. I recommend either flee the country completely, Idaho, Montana, or the greatest of all states, Alaska. These 3 states I only say because I grew up in Idaho and have family there and it’s still pretty conservative, good ol farmer types, as well as Montana, vast amounts of land, and good conservative farmer/ranchers. Or course most all of them are statist, but they don’t love the state, of that makes sense.
    Alaska, I believe, is going to have many new opportunities come up outside of the oil industry, which is obviously slow right now, but the state has money, I think around $60 billion in the permanent fund, and mining is picking up and will continue I believe. We have a lot of gold, and other precious metals that are going to thrive and bring a lot of jobs. Or just get your own claim and do it yourself. A lot of people do. Bartering services for gold is pretty big here too. I’ve leased equipment to miners and was paid in gold.
    It gets cold here, but the people here are pretty hearty folks, tough, and they like to be left alone, and as I’ve said before, even liberals here own a few guns. And the State of Alaska isn’t afraid to fight the feds over issues like land ownership, water right of ways and such things that actually benefit the people of Alaska.
    There are a lot of idiots here too, but I figure they won’t last long if things get tough, or they will just leave the state.
    Our governor, who I am not a real big fan of really, has already come out and said there will be no forced vaccines in Alaska.