Wednesday, September 16, 2020

How My Book On Modern Monetary Theory Got Linked To Hot Fast Young Girls

 Okay, this is a wild one.

As I have pointed out, my new book, Problems With Modern Monetary Theory: A Comment on Stephanie Kelton’s "The Deficit Myth" has been selling well.

But a really strange thing happens if you attempt to find the book by searching the title in the Amazon search engine. A few suggestions come up including the book but when you click on the link to the book, the link reads:

It is not all the links, just if you search in the above specific manner and apparently some have. The Pink, Live, Fast, Young Girls link has already garnered some comment on Facebook.

I was naturally not happy. Many will not understand how these links are created and that I must have been searching for Hot Fast Young Girls on Amazon and by error linked it to my book.

The fact is that to get the book published after I am satisfied with the book, I just hit a button that says, "Global Distribution" and that is it. It is then distributed to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. I have no further part in it.

Amazon has plenty of roadblocks to get to a human that can actually help with this kind of problem but the Wenzel persistence has paid off.

Pretty much everyone at Amazon ignored my emails including Jeff Bezos (, Dave Clark - SVP Worldwide Operations ( and Jeffrey Helbling-top VP (

You would think one of these characters would forward my emBut Bezos does have his 

But I do pound away. And it appears that when I asked for comment from the Amazon PR department on how exactly a book on monetary theory and that I planned to write a story about it, I was linked to hot fast girls, that did the trick.

I received this morning:

Hello from,

My name is Angela, and I’m a member of the Executive Seller Relations Team. Our PR team received your email and requested that our team respond on his behalf.

I have reviewed ASIN 1716646383 and found that the issue with the URL was that this specific ASIN was first created by another Seller in 2015 with the Title of "Pink Live Fast Die Young Bad Girls Do It Well". In researching this further, the text is from a song by M.I.A. and the other Seller was selling a phone case with those words written in pink. The product is still listed for sale, although Currently Unavailable, on the marketplace:

I have already deleted the old contributions for ASIN 1716646383 that referenced this title. However, in order to have our system fully refresh, you will need to refresh the ASIN within your Inventory. This means you will need to go into your Manage Inventory page within Seller Central and locate this ASIN. Click 'Edit' from the right side of the page. Ensure that all information is correct and click 'Save & finish'.

This should refresh the listing so that the URL updates and no longer references the old Title.

Best regards,

Angela L. Executive Seller Relations

I am still not sure how these ASIN numbers got linked and the Hot Girls link is still up. But progress appears to be occurring. Now, I guess, I just have to alert my the distributor to get the inventory page refreshed.



  1. Amazon's database has some strange quirks that, for example, cause problems with reviews for one product showing up under another. As a former Amazon seller I was glad to leave all of its problems behind. This sort of thing happens to sellers frequently.

  2. Did your get it resolved completely Robert?