Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The Collapse of San Francisco and the One Booming Business

The nutty lockdown of the city of San Francisco is still mostly in effect.

The loopy mayor, London Breed, claims she uses science to plot out her authoritarian edicts but at the start of her dread risk panic she banned reusable bags, including cloth, because at the time, according to her "science," the bags are breeding grounds for bacteria, and she simultaneously ordered cloth bags (masks) be worn by everyone on their face. Now that is impressive logic.

She still has not answered my email to her regarding the problems with masks and why there are medical exemptions from mask-wearing, which implies that masks somehow hamper breathing. What is her "science" here?

Why is she hiding the "science" behind these medical exemptions?

Breed has single-handily put the city into collapse mode.

Most of the major hotels remain closed.

Including the great Palace Hotel:

and the Four Seasons Hotel:

Many other businesses remain closed in the once-bustling downtown tourist and financial districts:

But there is one booming business the mayor has inspired that entrepreneurs have quickly jumped on mask sales:

All these mask vendors started out with single tables. They have all expanded and expanded again.

They sell the masks for $10.00 a piece.


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  1. Downtown Houston looks the same. Everyone is working from home who hasn't been laid off. There is a network of air conditioned tunnels connecting all of the buildings (to beat the sweltering summer heat) that used to be filled with restaurants and other businesses. Almost all of them are closed now. Very sad to see. Especially because of a fake pandemic. I wonder if will ever return?