Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Video Explaining America's Tax Code

But the problem is that the masses believe the solution is to lower the gate, when the solution should be to eliminate the gate. 

 The kind of equality I want is zero to extremely low taxes for all.



  1. Until such time as we've finally abolished the income tax, I think it should be, for everyone, the higher of $300 per year OR 0.5% of yearly income.

  2. This is actually a pretty accurate depiction of the old tax code before Reagan's redo in 1986. You know, the one that the left is infatuated with because of the punitive top marginal rates. Under the pre-tra 86 code, if you had existing wealth or owned a business, you could with the help of top notch tax advisors and +20:1 tax shelters (killed off by Regan), pay little to no income taxes. Doing that today takes a level of financial planning that is unimaginable ( Imagine a gate with chains hanging off it and you need to drive under while its being lifted -- its all about timing). I am truly impressed with Trumps tax planners if the NYT article is accurate. I have my doubts given how messy Trump seems to be, I can't imagine him having the discipline to follow such a plan.

  3. But, but, but... the hordes of government parasites are hungry and demand to be fed.

    The only fair tax is 0%, period.