Saturday, October 31, 2020

America 2020: This is How San Francisco Businesses Are Preparing for the Election Results

A number of San Franciso businesses have remained closed and boarded up since the start of the lockdown ordered by the city.

Now, however, some who had removed the plywood are putting it back up on the possibility that there might be riots after the election.

Louis Vuitton was boarding up on Friday.

And this Macy's store in downtown SF is actually open.



  1. "...the possibility that there might be riots after the election."

    I was on a conference call for work on Thursday where this was mentioned and the only thing that I could think of was that this kind of thing used to only happen in third world countries.

    Not anymore. Sad.

  2. If anything is destroyed or burned to the ground, let us hope it harms a libtard.

    1. Why would you want a liberal to be harmed? Being a liberal doesn’t make their life worthless. I know a few libs that I prefer over some conservatives even.
      Your way of thinking is odd to me.