Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Federal Reserve Money Pumping is Setting the Sports Card Market on Fire

If it is a tangible asset, other than a business impacted by the lockdowns, chances are the price is soaring.

This is certainly occurring in the housing market. Housing prices are at an all time high despite the lockdowns (see chart below).

It is also occurring in niche markets. Consider the baseball card market.

"The market's just on fire," PWCC director of business development Jesse Craig told the "We're very fortunate to be in the business that we're in right now during a pandemic and still be thriving."

Since May, the sales record for modern cards has been broken by a Mike Trout rookie ($900,000) and a LeBron James rookie ($1.8 million).

Then in August, another autographed Trout rookie sold for $3.9 million, eclipsing the record for all cards — old and new — set in 2016 by the famed 1909 Honus Wagner ($3.1 million). 

Insiders now estimate the trading card market is worth over $5 billion, according to The Mail.

According to Craig, the number of buyers on the PWCC Marketplace platform doubled over the last six months.

As price inflation continues to accelerate given the amount of money the Federal Reserve pumped into the economy earlier this year, asset prices, including those of baseball cards, will continue to advance.

Assets is going to be the investment word for 2021.


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