Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The World Economic Forum is Rapidly Becoming the Most Dangerous Elite "Social Justice" Organization in the World

The World Economic Forum is best known for its annual event in Davos, Switzerland where the powerful elite in the worlds of government and business meet to plot to move the world in a direction that will benefit them in the short-term and take freedom away from everyone else.

It has always been a despicable organization but now it appears to be taking the lead as the premier elitist organization attempting to crush freedom and advance the world in a centrally planned direction that is planned by, well, the elitists of the forum.

It should not go unnoticed that the founder of the forum, Klaus Schwab is the driver behind the push for a "Great Reset" of the global economy.

One look at recent articles appearing on the forum's website tells you exactly what direction the WEF wants to move things:

  • We have a business and social imperative to transform equity, inclusion and social justice
  • 50 homeless people in Canada were given over $5,000 each. Here’s what happened next
  • How to scale up the COVID-19 response around the world
  • What is intersectionality and how can it help businesses tackle diversity and inclusion?
  • We need to get better at measuring the value of human capital - here's how to do it
  • We can now measure the progress of stakeholder capitalism. Here's how
  • Lookism: Beauty still trumps brains in too many workplaces
  • 5 ways to reset education - and how to help
  • The rise of right-wing extremism: the new wave of global terrorism
  • We can turn the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity for work - the World Economic Forum's Saadia Zahidi on the Jobs Reset Summit
Keep an eye on this organization, it will be the leader in influencing business to move in the direction of a kind of "social justice" that will benefit the elitists and crush everyone else.


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