Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The Worst Governors in the United States

The Cato Institute has released its 15th biennial Fiscal Report Card on America’s Governors. The report grades state governors on their tax and spending records since 2018. Governors who have restrained taxes and spending receive higher grades, while those who have substantially increased taxes and spending receive lower grades.

Seven governors received an F:

  • Ralph Northam of Virginia
  •  Andrew Cuomo of New York
  • Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan
  • Phil Murphy of New Jersey
  • J. B. Pritzker of Illinois
  • Kate Brown of Oregon
  •  Jay Inslee of Washington
Four governors were awarded an A:
  •  Chris Sununu of New Hampshire
  • Kim Reynolds of Iowa
  • Pete Ricketts of Nebraska
  • Mark Gordon of Wyoming
The full list is here:



  1. Be sure to give Governor Whitmer your congratulations next time you see her (search for her in high-end restaurants, boutique-shopping outlets, swanky resorts and 2nd and 3rd vacation properties. You'll know her---she's the one with sharpie in hand, excising portions of the State and Federal Constitutions, all while eschewing a mask)

  2. Sui Juris, do you mind if I edit part of your comment to read “...she’s the harpy with the sharpie in hand...”?
    Like calling a spade a spade.

  3. Color me surprised to see the "Republican" governor of Utah getting a "D". In almost any other state, most of the Republicans here would be tax and spend Democrats.

  4. Who cares which governor is most efficient at taxing and regulating your life? The Mercatus Center composed a list of states based on the number of laws on their books. South Dakota, Alaska and Montana had the least. California, New York and Illinois the most. Idaho actually reduced the number in 2019 and replaced South Dakota for the fewest laws on the books. However, both Mercatus and Cato have compiled lists based on a measure of economic and social freedoms. That resulted in the most free states being Florida, New Hampshire and Indiana and the least still California and New York. There is also a list of states that also measures the amount of federal restrictions. This measure shows Louisiana with the least overall freedom and New Hampshire with the most. Note that New Hampshire also ranks high on the economic/social freedom lists as well as an A rating for governor. So chose your poison wisely.

  5. So how does Bernie keep getting elected?

    1. He brings home the bacon and keeps his crony's happy.

  6. Kristi Noem should get an A just because she's hot

    1. That, and she's by far been the least apt (as far as I'm aware) to impose any kind of mandates on the citizens of South Dakota.

      But, yeah, she's easy on the eyes for sure.

  7. Here is a great source of political money trails to follow in those states.
    Unfortunately, it only covers 8 or so states so far, but it's a great start!
    The money trails are astounding...

    1. Correction to my post. That web site actually covers 9 states so far.
      Most of the 10 worst states are not among the states covered yet.
      Probably because they are also the least transparent states...