Tuesday, October 6, 2020

This is Going to be Interesting...

Cass Sunstein

The evil statist Mr. Nudge himself, Cass Sunstein, is putting together a work he claims is going to be about Hayekian behavioral economics.

I could be surprised, but I don't expect anything good to come out of this Sunstein production. He is an authoritarian technocrat at his core and, on top of it, he isn't a quarter of the thinker Hayek was and, judging by his past work, it is very unlikely he will understand deep Hayekian thinking.



  1. Sounds like a new book to refute, Robert.

  2. Maybe he is going to celebrate why the worst rise to the top, and give some strategies to the scum on how to get their quicker.

  3. Just do what you're told by Mama Cass..

  4. If you look at every kind of intervention that Hayek was able to support in principle- you could easily accommodate a left democratic socialist program under it. Some of the Chicago people - for example - Henry C Simons 'A Positive Program for Laisser Faire' - could, without too much of a stretch- support an even more interventionist program.

    Back in the late 1940s Mises split from the then newly minted "neo-liberals" of the Mount Pelerin Society calling them "a bunch of socialists".

    Maybe we are going to see "neo-liberal" lists of "exceptions" enlisted to the socialist agenda- if only as a PR front.