Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Top IMF Economist Makes the Cover of Vogue Magazine


IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath has made the cover of Vogue (India) as a Women of the Year 2020.

Quite coincidentally, I featured her in a post last week, Top IMF Economist Calls For Synchronized Explosion in Global Spending By Governments.

In the post, I identified her as a super Keynesian and wrote:

[S]he got to her position by understanding power politics better than economics. She has been reading too much Machiavelli and not enough Hazlitt.  

Knowing how to play politics appears to continue to be her game. In the Vogue issue that features her, she talks the new elitist program being pushed, The Great Reset. 

She doesn't mention the reset by name in the interview, but this comment from the profile is all Great Reset:

There are some decisions that cannot be postponed anymore. A greener recovery is needed to prevent catastrophic risks from climate change. Going forward, the world has to be one that is less unequal, where there is universal access to education, healthcare and social safety nets. And I think we have all realised the importance of building digital infrastructure to support growth.


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