Sunday, December 27, 2020

An Interesting Graphic On Where Those Involved in Different Sectors of the Economy Are Moving


The graphic above highlights where individuals in different sectors of the economy are moving, to escape highly taxed, highly regulated areas.

It does make sense that individuals would move to areas where there is some industry-specific support. Even in the age of Zoom, you do need to be around those who can support your sector.



  1. Gotta scare them music peeps out of moving to Nashville just saying

  2. I left CA for the much greener pastures of TX over 6 yrs ago. I'm an anomaly though, I'm actually far more fiscally conservative than life-long Texans. But we are all worried about the changing demographics of these socialist techies from a liberty and freedom viewpoint. "Worried" is an understatement.

    I can remember when CA was a largely conservative state. So perhaps if TX gets overrun with socialists, and they ruin it with their dumb policies, then it's possible I could eventually end up back in CA if it were to ever return to fiscally conservative principles. :)