Monday, December 28, 2020

Trump Buckles: Signs COVID-19 Money Pump Bill

As the White House door is close to slamming behind President Trump for the last time, the President buckled one more time and signed a bill he had called a disgrace.

Trump wanted $2,000 checks to go out to every American ( horrendous price inflationary idea by the way) and settled for $600 checks (still a horrendous inflationary option but of a lesser degree).

The bill also contains all the crony programs that Trump objected to

In short, Trump did not have what it takes to challenge Congress.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to creepy but very savvy politicians, successfully called Trump's bluff. 

Although Trump, with his 2016 victory, did show he had correctly sensed and was able to draw out a middle America that was, and is, sick of official Washington, he just never had the intellectual foundation to deal with Washington's political pros or to even know what efforts he should be advancing.

He certainly wasn't a small government president, budgets exploded under Trump.

Federal debt exploded:

He didn't even attempt to slow Federal Reserve money pumping, in fact, he encouraged it:

It's true that spending and money growth really took off after the COVID-19 panic hit. But the panic was largely his fault and it was insanity to print money out of thin air to give $1,200 checks to most Americans. That said, under Trump before the COVID-19 panic, he was already pushing his foot down the spending peddle and ramping it up. From a fiscal and monetary perspective, his policies were bad from start to finish.

Trump's true legacy may depend on what happens in 2021. If price inflation heats up, as it is very likely to do. There is a good chance such accelerating inflation will be blamed on Trump as it justifiably should.

Trump woke middle America but had no idea how to lead it. 

Trump's buckling on this bill shows that even after 4 years up close to the swamp, he has learned nothing about how to drain it.

He is simply a city hustler that wouldn't recognize a swamp from quicksand.

Indeed, he has done nothing but spend 4 years sinking deeper into Washington D.C. quicksand.



  1. Trump has indeed turned out to be the epitome of "over-promise and under-deliver." If he keeps tweeting after he leaves the White House, then his presidency could well continue for years, as we'll continue to read honest, refreshing thoughts on social media but continue to see White House policy implement the opposite.

  2. There are few if any real conservatives out there anymore. It might be time to wander the wilderness, hoping to encounter The Remnant once in awhile...

  3. Did you read the Whitehouse statement? What is he referring to a bill from the 1970's for in this case?
    As President I am demanding many rescissions under the Impoundment Control Act of 1974. The Act provides that, “whenever the President determines that all or part of any budget authority will not be required to carry out the full objectives or scope of programs for which it is provided, or that such budget authority should be rescinded for fiscal policy or other reasons (including termination of authorized projects or activities for which budget authority has been provided), the President shall transmit to both Houses of Congress a special message” describing the amount to be reserved, the relevant accounts, the reasons for the rescission, and the economic effects of the rescission. 2 U.S.C. § 683.