Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Bitcoin Just Hit $50,000: What is Next?

Bitcoin is on a tear once more and I am getting many emails asking me to comment.

I just recorded a pop-up edition (4 minutes and 33 seconds) of "This Weeks in Economics with Robert Wenzel" where I discuss the factors influencing bitcoin.


 A podcast version is here or you can also find it on your favorite podcast platform. 



  1. "Whenever the Fed stops printing money..."

    With the unfunded liabilities pressuring the budget more each year, when can they ever stop printing?

    On the other hand, Austrian business cycle theory says ever increasing inflation is needed to hold off a correction, so all it would take is a slowdown in the money pump to see a big fall in inflation hedges as part of that correction, right?

  2. The Fed will never stop priting money therefore Bitcoin will always go up. Santa Clause is coming to town. Donald Trump won the election by 10,000,000 votes. Bill Clinton did not have sex with that woman.

  3. These pop podcasts are a great way to go.