Saturday, March 27, 2021

Facebook and Uber Are Reopening Offices

After a year of remote work, Uber is opening its San Francisco offices on Monday. Facebook’s Bay Area reopening will begin on May 10 at its Menlo Park headquarters, reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

Facebook will open at 10% capacity as long as health data continues to improve; workers can choose whether to come back. Its Fremont offices are scheduled to reopen May 17, Sunnyvale on May 24 and its two downtown San Francisco towers on June 7.

Employees had been allowed to work from home until July 2, and will now be able to stay remote until one month after offices reach 50% capacity. That will likely be after Sept. 7 for large sites, Facebook said.

The company won’t require employees to get vaccinated to return to offices.

Uber will open its San Francisco headquarters next week at 20% capacity, on a voluntary basis.

At Uber, workers will be required to take daily health screenings including temperature checks at home to qualify.


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