Thursday, April 22, 2021

After the COVID-19 Lockdowns: The Next Globalist Power Grab Move

Do you think things will return to normal after the COVID-19 lockdowns are over? Forget about it.

The financial rape of the average man is going to reach an entirely new level.

The global elitists are setting up for the next move to capture as much of global wealth as they can for themselves. 

A major tell came in the recently released undercover tapes released by Project Veritas, where a Veritas undercover reporter talked to a high-ranking CNN official.

While most of the focus was on the discussion of how CNN distorted the news about Donald Trump and also COVID-19, the key point of alarm should have been the discussion of what the next distortion campaign is going to be all about.

With a Veritas secret recording device rolling, CNN Director Charlie Chester explained how the spin occurs:

Any reporter on CNN -- what they're actually doing is they're telling the person what to say… It's always like leading them in a direction before they even open their mouths. The only people that we [CNN] will let on the air, for the most part, are people that have a proven track record of taking the bait.

Chester also described how CNN has used the COVID-19 panic to keep viewers hooked on the screen.

“It's fear. Fear really drives numbers – [TV ratings],” Chester said. “Fear is the thing that keeps you tuned in.” 

He added, “COVID? Gangbusters with ratings, right? Which is why we [CNN] constantly have the [COVID] death toll on the side.” 

Chester said Jeff Zucker – the network’s president –- would call the CNN newsroom during live TV segments and order the staff to keep COVID death tolls on the screen to capture viewers’ attention.

But COVID-19 fatigue has set in and Chester revealed the new plan:

Chester: “I think there's a COVID fatigue. So, like whenever a new story comes up, they're [CNN’s] going to latch onto it. They've already announced in our office that once the public is -- will be open to it -- we're going to start focusing mainly on climate.” 

Chester: “It's going to be our [CNN’s] focus. Like our focus was to get Trump out of office, right? Without saying it, that's what it was, right? So, our next thing is going to be climate change awareness.”

Veritas Journalist: “What does that look like?”

Chester: “I don't know. I'm not sure. I have a feeling that it’s going to be like, constantly showing videos of decline in ice, and weather warming up, and like the effects it’s having on the economy--”

Veritas Journalist: “Who decides that?”

Chester: “Head of the network.”

Veritas Journalist: “Who is that? Is that [Jeff] Zucker?”

Chester: “Zucker, yeah. I imagine that he's got his council and they've all like, discussed, like where they think--”

Veritas Journalist: “So, that's like the next--”

Chester: “Pandemic-like story that we’ll beat to death, but that one's got longevity. You know what I mean? Like there's a definitive ending to the pandemic. It'll taper off to a point that it's not a problem anymore. Climate change can take years, so they'll [CNN will] probably be able to milk that quite a bit.”

Veritas Journalist: “So, climate change overload.”

Chester: “Be prepared, it's coming. Climate change is going to be the next COVID thing for CNN.”

Hmm, so is there any other proof the elitists are thinking climate change as the next big move?

Secretary of State Tony Blinken delivered an address on climate change at the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland on Monday in which he admitted that some American workers “would be hit hard” by the Biden administration’s policies, reports Breitbart.

Blinken said that the U.S. needed to lead the global fight against climate change.

“If America fails to lead the world on the climate crisis, we won’t have much of a world left,” Blinken said.

Blinken also claimed that “weather events are becoming more extreme,” another claim that scientists have criticized, noted Breitbart.

And here is the indication that it is all one big scam.

Much of Blinken’s speech focused on domestic policy — for example, stressing the need for “good, paying jobs, and the opportunity to join a union” as part of climate change policy. The opportunity to join a union a climate change policy?

But Blinken also said Biden’s policy would cause job losses for some Americans.

“We will be mindful that for all the opportunities offered by the unavoidable shift to clean energy, not every American worker will win out in the near term. Some livelihoods and communities that relied on old industries will be hit hard.”

He then said: “We won’t leave those Americans behind. We’ll provide our fellow Americans with pathways to new, sustainable livelihoods, and support as they navigate this transition.”

Bottom line: It is all about a move toward a more centrally planned economy with the elitists and power freaks in charge.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is all on board:

Listen to this:

And yesterday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spoke virtually at the Glasgow Finance Alliance for Net Zero event. Forty-three banks from 23 countries (with assets of $28.5 trillion) form the Net-Zero Banking Alliance

Yellen said that companies setting ambitious carbon reduction targets are already helping financial institutions manage climate-related risks and helping support a transition to a low-carbon economy.

"They also help financial institutions manage the risks and opportunities associated with the transition, while sending a powerful signal to global financial markets," she continued.

And she made clear during the speech how big the Biden administration is thinking.

To bring the U.S. economy in line with international goals of eliminating carbon emissions will “require bold and urgent action - nothing less than transforming important sectors of the global economy, especially when it comes to how we generate power and move people and goods,” she said.

“We are committed to directing public investment to areas that can facilitate our transition to net-zero and strengthen the functioning of our financial system so that workers, investors, and businesses can seize the opportunity that tackling climate change presents,” Yellen added.

Biden is scheduled to convene today a summit of 40 world leaders on climate change, where he is expected to unveil a target to cut emissions by roughly 50% by 2030 compared with 2005 levels. 

The fearmongering about the climate is going to be over the top, Chester at CNN got that right.

“This is an immense, immense task. We need to work together closely ... in order to deal with what has become an essential risk to our planet,” Yellen said during a Q&A session after a speech before the Institute of International Finance.

The costs will be “enormous,” Yellen said.

And she is going to play rough.

Yellen said the Financial Stability Oversight Council would be the principal agency managing and assessing the financial risks associated with climate change, and if necessary, taking appropriate action to mitigate them.

The global Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosure had devised a framework that was proving useful, and she she said she hoped the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission would base its own efforts on that work.

The scam is on. When government officials talk about "climate change," you should think the raping and pillaging of the economy by corporate elitists who are close to power or who often control power.

This is damn scary:

And they are definitely working on making a global controlled effort.

From Yellen's IIF speech:

 I am pleased that Treasury is co-chairing the newly relaunched G20 Sustainable Finance Working Group.  G20 finance ministries and central banks will together consider how to improve existing international initiatives and approaches to sustainability disclosures, building on the work of the TCFD.  The Working Group will also coordinate approaches to identifying investments as climate-aligned or sustainable.  This is an effort to counter another potential market friction—the rise of different policies and approaches across the world creates the potential for inconsistencies that lead to market fragmentation, distorting markets or impeding the flow of capital.  The G20 brings together the largest world economies and emitters, and I look forward to working with my counterparts to make progress on these critical issues...
I know some have argued that this is a reason for us to move slowly.  The thinking goes that because we know so little about climate risk, let’s be tentative in our actions—or even do nothing at all.  This is completely wrong in my view.  This is a major problem and it needs to be tackled now. 



  1. Just as happened with the COVIDCon, they will start recording deaths as "climate deaths" to justify a "public health" response.

  2. This is a very important and timely article. Thanks Robert.

  3. I don't think this would work like it did with Covid. The only reason TPTB got away with the lockdowns and restrictions was that the danger of Covid was perceived to be immediate, tangible and personal. If they try the same tactics with climate change, a vague, distant and impersonal threat they would get much more resistance. Nonetheless, getting the word out about this is a very good thing.

    1. From what I can tell, most of Progressive Americans believe that the "climate crisis" is real, imminent, and existential.

    2. I respectfully disagree. Most might claim they believe as you say, but when the pain actually comes they won't stand long for it. Especially after being given a taste with Covid. Sure there are those that are willing to be martyrs for the cause but I would venture to say they are a small minority.

  4. LOL I look forward to the smack in the face the alarmists receive when a deep solar minimum and recent volcanic activity make them use the term cooling in the end.

  5. I haven't seen Covid death stats on the news in two months. Local news is still pushing the fake statistics but the numbers are small. The George Floyd hoax is fading out, war with Russia seems to not be interesting enough. The climate change hoax aligns with the "you'll have nothing and be happy" WEF agendas.

  6. If climate is changing, it's because of all the chemtrails and microwaves they are sending into the atmosphere.

  7. At least the free market keeps CNN and woke billionaires from having any real influence...