Sunday, April 18, 2021

The Three Kinds of Inflation That are Going to Blow Overall Price Inflation Through the Roof

In this edition of "This Week in Economics with Robert Wenzel," I discuss the price inflation that is about to hit and the various factors driving it and what would have to happen for it to get really out of control.

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  1. You are spot on about bottleneck inflation. The labor in port services is off by a large fraction and not just on the west coast but in Texas as well.

    I dont think you are giving ongoing stealth inflation in food packaging, healthcare and durable goods much credence related to the wage stagflation that has gone on for a few decades. I would really be interested in seeing budget shortfall analysis on how under water the middle class will be as additional inflation hits outside the normal march up.

    Even there has been a debt pay down, the margin to the in the red for many households will hit harder and deeper than I think was seen in prior decades.

    The US not being on firm fiscal ground makes all this a real crap shoot.