Tuesday, May 11, 2021

CNBC Warns About Price Inflation, Yes CNBC!

 It is too strong to hide.

Even establishment man Steve Liesman at CNBC is warning about price inflation at 3.9%.

And then establishment woman Becky Quick tops him saying the inflation could be even higher.

There is also a hint of skepticism that the inflation is, as the Fed says, "transitory."



  1. It is funny to see CNN report on "prices rising everywhere you look!" I've noticed several stories on their front page about this lately. What did they think was going to happen after all of their liberal buddies in congress pushed for trillions of stimulus to save themselves from their self imposed business shutdowns?

  2. Don't worry Bob, the New York Times and people like Janet Yellen have informed us that there are policies in place to mitigate runaway inflation. I mean sure Biden wants to spend 8 trillion dollars this year, and sure the only tools the Fed will have is raising interest rates that will effect the interests on the debt. I trust our thought leaders on this issue regardless. I mean clearly there is a plan, because doing something so reckless could only come from a half dead guy who surrounds himself with partisan hacks who care more about getting their political whims pushed out rather than having any kind of foundation on the consequences of massive amounts of money being created out of thin air. I mean what could possibly go wrong?

  3. The Babylon Bee nails it...


  4. I've been waiting for confirmation from a trusted source, lol.

  5. A state of inflation is clearly in debtors' favor, since their obligation to pay back debts in "legal tender" gets less onerous as the currency becomes ever more devalued.
    So, I wonder if it makes sense to cash-out a 401K now and purchase gold, especially given the fact that, by the time tax day arrives a year from now and the 10% extra penalty to the IRS becomes due, the currency will have devalued and that 10% bite feels more like a 3% bite---? I mean, a 7-10% inflation (devaluation of the currency) takes the sting out of a 10% penalty, when that cash-out conversion to gold has retained its value and is impervious to the forces of inflation.
    Asking for a friend. (Truly, for a friend! We discussed it yesterday...).

  6. So why is gold and silver so low?

    I remember Gary North claiming a decade or so ago that gold should have been $3k an ounce back then.

    1. It is all covered in the EPJ Daily Alert: epjcloud.com/DailyAlert

    2. People too poor to buy it.