Thursday, May 20, 2021

Conservative Group Launches Ads Attacking Woke CEOs and Corporations

Consumers’ Research, a conservative nonprofit organization, is taking aim at the woke corporations Nike, Coca-Cola and American Airlines and their CEOs, with a just released series of  30-second commercial spots that will air on national cable news.

Take a look:

It really makes little sense for corporations to get involved in politics.

As The Wall Street Journal comments in an editorial:
[W]hen CEOs take sides in political fights unrelated to their business interests or regulation, they have to expect to be treated like politicians themselves... CEOs get paid to lead and protect their brands, not to be led by people who think business should embrace their politics...

The woke business trend isn’t healthy for the free-market cause. CEOs risk undermining support on the grass-roots and Congressional right for business, mirroring the anti-corporate sentiment that dominates the left. CEOs can never buy enough absolution from the left as long as they believe in profit. Alienating the right leaves them friendless. We warned CEOs that this would happen when they went for woke, and now it has.

Perhaps corporate boards should do their jobs and start exercising some supervision over politicized executives.


  1. **********************************************************************

    You said:
    It really makes little sense for corporations to get involved in politics.

    That statement is both a contradiction, and virtually impossible.

    "Man is not a being that, on the one hand, has an economic side and,
    on the other hand, a political side, with no connection between the two."

    Corporations, LLC, etc., are legal entities, but still retain many of the "rights" of individuals, and thus may engage in political issues.

    Per your position--and that of WSJ -- there would appear no "political" issues, including slavery, murder, etc., etc., that would at least permit a corporate response.

    More directly, there are clearly many political issues that would impact the sale, operation, etc., of corporate products.

    Apparently both WSJ & Economic Policy would at least tacitly agree with Lenin:

    "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."


  2. Pleasing the US government is more important to them than pleasing their customers.

    The USG can destroy any company on a whim. Just filing criminal indictment would end the corporation's viability. It can prop up any failing company. Coke is important for our soldiers' morale; its a link with home, we need to support Coke.
    It can lock up individual officers - there are so many laws on the books each person is guilty of multiple felonies every year. It can reward individual officers, consulting gigs after retirement with large payments.

    That is a price of concentrating so much power in one institution.