Saturday, May 1, 2021

The JPMorgan Order to Employees to Get Back in the Office

Jamie Dimon

What is the post-COVID-19 related office life, as lockdowns end, going to look like?

It appears that  JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon wants employees back in the office for significant periods by this summer.

 Efinance noted the "jarring tone" of a recent memo Dimon sent out:

For someone who is generally considered to be a gifted communicator, Jamie Dimon might have struck a jarring tone in his latest letter to JP Morgan staff commanding them back to the office on a rotational basis from early July.

From the memo that Dimon sent out to all U.S. employees:

 We know that may of you are excited to come back, but we also know that for some, the idea of coming back on a regular basis is a change you’ll need to manage...all US-based employees will be in the office on a consistent rotational schedule [some starting on May 17, all by July]...

With this timeframe in mind you should start making any needed arrangements to help with your successful return.


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