Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HOT: Ron Paul Walks Out During CNN Interview


Update 1: Ron Paul walked out of a CNN interview earlier today that was conducted by CNN reporter Gloria Borger

Update 2: Video coming.

Update 3: Well, other media outlets like Business Insider are calling it a "walk out" but you decide.:

Update 4: More coming....

Update 5: Well, well, it turns out hit job specialist Gloria Borger is married to Lance Morgan. Morgan is according to the web site of his employer, Powell Tate,"chief communications strategist at Powell Tate in Washington, D.C. He specializes in developing and executing communications strategies for public policy debates, crisis communications and media training."

So who might be the clients of Powell Tate, where Borger's husband is "chief communications strategist and crisis communications" adviser for?

Just about every part of the military industrial-complex that Ron Paul wants to shrink or shutdown. According to the Powell Tate web site, they provide strategic communications for among others:

The U.S. Army

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

The U.S Agency for International Development

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

and, I'm not joking, The National Pork Board.

Bottom line Gloria Borger's husband is as inside Washington DC as you can get.

This was a total hit job, bringing up decades old accusations about a newsletter that everyone agrees was written by others, while Dr. Paul was practicing medicine. Further, as Justin Ramindo has clearly shown , most of the charges were made by people who couldn't have read the newsletters in full context.