Sunday, March 24, 2013

EPJ's Rand Paul Resource Page

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  1. Thanks, Chris, you just saved me a bunch of time. Now I can go delete the partial list I was trying to build ;)

  2. Do I have this correct, Wenzel hitting Rand Paul for not being a libertarian, and then having a link on this resource page where Rand states that he's NOT a libertarian? What's next, Bob, an Obama resource page chiding him for not being a libertarian either?

    I love EPJ, but this schtick is stagnating at an exponential rate.

    The worst part of this is that Rossini is posting a pic of Rand with an ironically rhetorical question, in that no self respecting libertarian that I know actually thinks Rand Paul is a libertarian.

    1. Eventhough Rand has stated he is not a libertarin, he and his camp want the libertarin vote. Rand knows that he can get votes that Mccain and Romney could not get because he is Ron Paul's son. Rand is playing for votes on both sides. I think EPJ regonizes the above and doesn't want libertarins to be fooled into voting and supporting a neo-con. Rand is no better than Romney, Mccain, etc, etc

    2. Rand is no better than Romney and McCain?


      Come back to reality.

    3. hahaha. so laughing invalidates all arguments. Rand is a neo-con. Romney is a neo-con. mccain is a neocon. They are all the same. If you can't recgonize this then that is your problem

    4. What arguments? Stating Rand is playing both sides sure is a great "argument". You are in lala land if you believe Rand and those two are the same. It is your holier than thou attitude that shuts out people who are pulling in the same direction. Face it, you aren't going to get anyone close to "your guy" from the current political environment. Things must change. But go ahead, keep holding onto the Ron Paul dream. He might win in 2016, right?

    5. As soon as I hear McCain championing any sort of budget cuts or attacking the fed or the TSA or the police who raid raw milk producers I might compare the two.

  3. In before someone asks Wenzel and Rossini to stop attacking Rand Paul.

  4. Is it wrong that at this point I look forward to the Rand posts not only because I enjoy Bob and Chris ripping him to shreds, but almost equally as much for the "people watching" aspect of the comments section.

    Popcorn popped and buttered.

  5. Thanks EJP! Instead of supporting Rand, I will divert my resources to John McCain.

  6. No movement on the face of the whole Earth eats their own as enthusiastically or as routinely as the liberty movement. It has been so for at least a century. This is the primary reason why we are not already the dominant political force in the United States. Sometimes I think the only thing we hate more than tyranny, is success.

    1. I will support a candiate in the liberty movement when I see one. Rand does not fit the bill as a "liberty candiate" as the EPJ was clearly demonstrated

    2. And throwing stones at one in congress that is closer to your movement than 99% of the rest congress for not being as pro liberty as you would like is working great. What a stupid way to spread the liberty message. No wonder the liberty movement is barely noticed by mainstream America.

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    4. In what way is "Rand Paul" "their own"? That's what EPJ is disproving. Some people assume/believe Rand Paul is part of the "liberty movement" when all the evidence points that he's just another run of the mill, ambitious politician.

      "No wonder the liberty movement is barely noticed"
      You don't think the fact the vast majority of Americans spend 12, very important formative year being indoctrinated by the State has anything to do with it? 12 years being inoculated against liberty and being conditioned to think that social change can only happen through political action?

      No one in congress is "close" or "closer" to any genuine movement for liberty. The "worst" Senator/Congressperson believes the state owns you. The "best" Senator/Congressperson believes the state owns you. They only differ in how they want to run the state. None of them are for liberty. Leniency, or "liberties" from master, is not the same as liberty (self-ownership - no master).

      These are all professional criminals, not decent human beings. Ron Paul was arguably the one exception. Rand has not likewise differentiated himself. Voting for sanctions on Iran makes him a murderer.