Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Best Commentaries on the Blagojevich Arrest

From Bill Anderson:

Politicians like to see themselves as being the equal of successful business executives, but they generally strike me as people who don't have the ability to make it outside of government. They are mediocre people who might be cunning or ruthless, but in the business world, one must have real foresight into the market, and from what I can tell, most politicians don't have that ability.

They are more like the playground bullies who extort money and favors from other kids, but who generally are pathetic people.
From Steve Horwitz:

So the big news today is that the governor of Illinois has been caught doing explicitly what most politicians do with more subtlety every single day: selling off their power to the highest bidder. I can't help but note that yet another politician is indicted on corruption charges at the very same time we are handing over unprecedented power to the political class as we partially nationalize the banking system and, apparently, the Big Three auto companies.
There's much more in both commentaries. Anderson's is here and Horwtiz's is here.

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  1. For a second there with all this Obama "Hope" stuff going around, I thought it must have been me who was nuts to still think that trusting politicians was crazy.

    Thanks Blago, you have restored my faith in politicians.