Friday, March 27, 2009

Bankers' Fools Day and Angry Mobs

The G-20 meetings are set to open in London on April 2. It's being dubbed by anti-G-20 groups as "Banker's Fools Day".

Mayhem is expected outside the Excel Exhibition Centre, and major plotting inside.

While Americans have seemed to have lost, at the end of the Vietnam War, the handbook on how to throw a good protest/riot, things on the other side of the pond are a bit different.

In America, you now file a permit to protest. WTF? This is something like raising your hand in second grade for permission to go to the bathroom. In London for the G-20, according to an Aussie article sent to me by a friend, the rallying cry will be, "storm the banks." Heh, heh. Try filing that on an American protest permission form.

Australia's reports:

Next Thursday...the G20 leaders gather in London. [The mob] will be huge, it will be angry and the City will take a terrific pounding, although the move to the Excel Centre might tax the ingenuity of the demonstrators. But they will find a way to mark this event and, as I write, there is alarm among the the hierarchy of the British, European and American police forces and anti-terrorist units....
Inside, the insiders will plot. At the top of the agenda will be co-ordinated global regulation of banks and other financial entities. Of course, the demonstrators have a good gut sense that something evil is going on with this planning, and they are right. The planning going on is not about global free trade and protecting the world from global financial crisis, though it will be marketed as such. It will be about global domination of the financial world by the ultimate insiders.

Not far behind on the agenda, but only on the "unofficial" agenda, will be discussions re a new international currency. Prime Minster Rudd has, LOL, already made clear that discussion of a new reserve currency is not on the official agenda. has a pre-game report on who is where on the reserve currency question:

The Chinese have floated the new currency plan to the Russians (who love it, as they do anything that brings the gringos down a notch), to India (warm), to South Korea (not cold), Thailand (hot) and to a mix of other interested nations including some from the Middle East.
The big secret is that the U.S., behind the seasons, is also in favor of a new reserve currency. Well, it was a secret until Treasury Secretary Geithner, in a further demonstration that he is in over his head, blurted out the insider truth they “are quite open to” the Chinese proposal.

Thus, as April begins, perhaps the most important G-20 meeting ever will result in tests for protesters and insiders. They have both become very sophisticated at advancing their aims and are both likely to dramatically advance their agendas.

The destruction by the demonstrators will be obvious and clear for all of us to see. The destruction created by the insiders will be much more difficult to see and understand, but it will impact us for the rest of our lives.

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