Monday, June 8, 2009

A Note on the JFK Assassination

Lew Rockwell this morning links to news that a new film on the JFK assassination is out. Produced by John Barbour, the film, The Garrison Tapes, apparently suggests that the CIA was a key player in the assassination.

I note that in the review of the film, Michael Webster points out that:

During the Barbour's interview he said that the head of the CIA Dulles and his second in command were fired by President Kennedy , as an interesting note the 2nd in command's brother was at the time of the President killing the Mayor of Dallas and had at the last moment changed the route of the Kennedy motorcade to pass by the Dallas book depositary.
This is where I may have a bit of information to add. Not only was the motorcade route changed but, and I am not sure how public this may already be, Texas Rangers were called off from patrolling the parade route.

A long time client of mine, a banker, actually started off his career as a Texas Ranger. He was only a Ranger for about a year, but he told me that it was the year Kennedy was assassinated. He reported for duty in downtown Dallas to patrol part of the parade route on the morning of the assassination, but he and his Ranger colleagues were told that everything was under control and they wouldn't be needed.


  1. Had not heard the TX Rangers bit before. Might want to spellcheck the title as it affects the Permalink and, therefore, Google visibility.

  2. Kinda like 9/11. Wasn't NORAD told to stand down that day?

    Or am I propagating some 9/11 myth that has been deemed false?

    I don't know, I don't follow this crap closely. Whether the govt did in Kennedy or the WTC or not, it effed up in so many innumerable other ways it's silly to think that the existence or lack thereof of a conspiracy should be especially meaningful.

  3. @Anonymous

    Actually I have a few more details but it would probably ID the gentleman and I can tell his wife is still concerned about his talking about the situation.

    More will come out in time.

  4. It's a hoot to run across someone who lived America's conspiracy history. At a West Texas star gazing party, I ran into a Navy man deeply involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. He said the CIA messed up in planning, as all U.S. lighthouses had gone unmanned.

    U.S. destroyers escorted tramp steamers with Cuban fighters past a Cuban lighthouse. It was manned, but the CIA didn't know and didn't take it out. The Cubans radioed ahead. He said the CIA trained Cubans didn't have a chance. The Navy could've easily taken out some of the Cuban military presence, but American ships weren't supposed to be there. Their orders had them doing maneuvers off the coast of North Carolina.

    I don't know how this ties to the firing of the CIA men in your piece, but the Navy man said the CIA did Kennedy wrong on the Bay of Pigs. He implied they didn't give JFK the full story or a good plan.