Thursday, July 9, 2009

Channeling the Soviet Union

Will federal prosecutors come after you someday?

Bill Anderson explains, in a must read column, about the growing power of federal prosecutors who are able to apply vague statutes to behavior that historically has not been illegal.

Anderson details how prosecutors can pile bogus charge after bogus charge on the innocent.

Yet, even Anderson's warning does not go far enough to explain how this growing power suffocates a society, kills its ability to advance, and makes life less human for us all. For every person a prosecutor goes after, there are thousands who will be "more careful", meaning less free spirited, more paranoid and less willing to speak and act freely even among casual friends. It is an ugly way to have to live, and it is coming to America with every new regulation, expansion of regulations and new interpretations of regulations.

People in the old Soviet Union looked gray, drab and drained of life for a reason.

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  1. I have noticed this on a personal level for some time now. It's hard to be innovative, productive, much less "foot loose and fancy free" when you have to worry about who you can trust and who can be your "confidant" and who is going to try and take the fruits of your labor. Sad indeed. Unfortunately people can endure quite a bit before revolting. Anybody up for a revolution?