Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How the Elite Talk in Code

It has long been a contention of mine that the super elite talk in a kind of code that keeps them out of trouble. They know full well among each other what needs to be done in certain tight situations, but you will never hear any of them speak it. They sort of ride above the fray and think to themselves that they are not manipulating anything, when, in fact, they are attempting to manipulate the entire world!

The recent comments attributed to David Rubenstein at Carlyle Group suggest that he has not yet, and may never, master elite code talk. He may be close to them, but as long as he does not fully understand code talk, he is a tool and nothing more.

A perfect example of code talk comes from a true master insider, George H.W. Bush, when his son, Neil, was caught red handed in the middle of the S&L crisis as a director of Sliverado Bank.

Did Bush lay out his cards and call in his operatives and say pull some strings, get my son out of this investigation (Remember Bush was president at the time.) No. Bush is too smooth. In his published collection of letters, All The Best, George Bush, he shows us how the heat is delicately taken off Neil. On page 449, there is this letter to Thomas Ludlow Ashley.

Ashley is a Yale University grad, and member of the secret society Skull and Bones along with Bush. Here's the letter:

The Honorable Thomas Ludlow Ashley
Association of Bank Holding Companies
Washington, D.C. 20005

Dear Lud,

Thank you for your good memo December 8th.

I would appreciate any help you can give Neil. He tells me he never had any insider dealings. He got off the Board early--long before I was elected President. The Denver paper apparently ran a very nice editorial about him on that. He is an outside director, and thus I guess has liability, but I can't believe his name would appear in the paper if it was Jones not Bush. In any event, I know that the guy is totally honest. I saw him in Denver and I think he is worried about the publicity and the "shame". I tell him not to worry about that but any advice you can give as this matter unfolds would be greatly appreciated by me. If it turns out there has been some marginal call, or he has done something wrong, needless to say there will be no intervention from his dad. But, I'm quite confident this is not true...

Warm regards,


Notice how smooth. No talk about getting Ashley anything for taking care of the matter. The nice touch about if Neil "has done something wrong", but the clear finish, he didn't.

The US Office of Thrift Supervision investigated Silverado's failure and determined that Bush had engaged in numerous "breaches of his fiduciary duties involving multiple conflicts of interest." But Neil was not indicted on criminal charges, a civil action was brought against him and the other Silverado directors. It was eventually settled out of court, with Bush paying $50,000 as part of the settlement.

Ashley had done his job.

Bush has used Ashley in other tight situations. How does Ashley get paid for his "services"? Who really knows? But I can take a guess. Ashely is currently a director of Layalina Productions, Inc., which produces Arabic-language television programming for broadcast in the Arab Middle East.

He is also a director of the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of and author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

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  1. How can anyone respect an article on talking in code when the second sentence abuses the King's english. Is this some kind of journalistic "code" that I'm not able to understand?

  2. How can anyone respect a comment on the King's English that fails to capitalize the word, "English," and uses improper punctuation, all in the same sentence? Is this some kind of Bushie joke?

  3. Good come back Bobby! Don't you hate it when a moron responds totally missing the point in some vain attempt to be clever? Again, loved the come back ;)

  4. Robert Wenzel, You are exactly correct. Don't pay any attention to the absolute morons on this site. The Masons and Illuminati have detailed code books and have had since the 1700's and I've seen one from a friend who was a member of the Illuminati order, another story. I know for a fact these low life pagans have made their wealth not from hard work but pure evil and blood of innocents by starting every war we have had in our history. FACT. Atlas Shrugged written by a pagan named Ayn Rand, dumb as a rock but could write satanic verses....:) The book Atlas Shrugged is in fact the blue print for this entire world revolution written in metaphor and code starting about 200 pages into the book. They use TV series, movies, novels, and slips on the news castings. FACT. This is the Illuminati protocol to warn the goyim of their coming doom and in subtle ways. FACT. The shills on here will swarm on this message but Everything I wrote is factual. This quote is also indicative of these pagans influence and plans by another lowlife Pagan.....named FDR.

    Need I remind those of you that have not researched this as deep as I have gone…..Here is the cold hard reality besides the fact that the Democrats and Republicans on the highest level work together, play at Bohemian Grove and has worked you people like a string piano for GENERATIONS while they preplanned every single war.

    March 4, 1939 - Quote from a report of the secret committee by President Roosevelt,;
    “I am making no concessions to business, or for relief. I have a military machine sufficient to stop any organized revolt. I am putting MY PEOPLE ahead of all instruments. I’ll have had a full understanding with Chamberlain, and we will destroy this unemployed condition with a WAR, and a WAR only. To Hell with the American people, as far as a Democracy is concerned. It does not exist. It never did, and we will never let it happen that way. I am going to crush business, infest America with all the aliens possible, and in the last analysis, declare Martial Law, and confiscate everything I need for a true and forceful Dictatorship. My New Deal is a failure, and I know it, but no one else will tell me that I must discontinue my present activities, and program.”

    From the Secret Audience with the Military Appropriation Committee;
    The Ways and Means Committee;
    The Special War Finance Committee;

    This copy was presented to me by mail through Senator Lundeen.” “The Red Fog Over America” by William Guy Carr, 1955.

    In 1841 Clinton Roosevelt published in America “The Science of Government Founded on Natural Laws”, This was nothing more than a plagiarized version of the teachings of Professor Adam Weishaupt of Frankfort University, Germany, the renegade Jesuit priest who arranged for the agenteur of the Illuminati to infiltrate into French Freemasonry in 1776 so “The Secret Power” which directed the World Revolutionary Movement, and the Conspiracy of Satan, at that time could use Freemasonry to further their secret plans and ambitious and at the same time cloak their diabolitical purpose.

    The fact that FDR’s New Deal, his NRA, and other political policies and economic devices fitted perfectly into the “Long Range Plans”, of the Illuminati proved the continuity of the conspiracy from 1841 to 1945. It has been explained that Roosevelt made known his secret plans to establish a dictatorship in American in March 1939 when he gave a secret audience to some of his governments special committee. It has also been mentioned that Roosevelt was kept a virtual prisoner from after Yalta until his death presumably to prevent him telling the truth in the event his conscience troubled him when he realized that he was about to meet his maker.

  5. Instigators..are Jesuits (Vatican and Black Pope), 13 Illuminati families, High Level Masons (Grand Inspector General 33rd Degree fools) and Zionist (not real Jews but from near the Caspian Sea area, converted to Judaism 740 AD and Merovingians, Royal Family of England, all pagans)

  6. I see a movie in all this.

  7. Oh God, not the KHAZARS!

  8. Read "Judaism Discovered" by Michael Hoffman.

  9. Looks like someone wrote a culture-jamming piece in a comment to this entry (deep irony employed in it, withal) and the crazies believed it.

    So now they are out in force.

  10. The only `crazies` I see are those inclined to not do research on a subject yet feel superior enough to leave derogatory remarks which(withal) vindicates the awake without your even being aware of it`s true impact.
    Sleep sir,sleep all is well.Nothing to report here.

  11. i know this article is quite dated.. but i couldn't resist... useless as it may prove, i'd like to remind the xtian anon. while you're slamming pagans...

    it was you xtians that brought the dark ages not the pagans. humanity lost at least a 1000 yrs due to you and your bloody deadly dogma.

    so take that air of superiority and stick up your nose.

  12. Wow, conspiracy theories are really whack when you are stoned. Have you heard the one about the lizard/human people who really run the world? Whoa, what if they're really true? OMG, I gotta lay off the weed.

  13. Nobody fears H.W. Bush's bark. They fear H.W.'s bite. You can get the distinct impression from reading between the lines of that letter that should you not take care of business for H.W. then you just might find yourself "slipping" down a flight of stairs or having your small airplane's rudder fail just when you needed to turn to avoid a mountainside.

    It's like in one of those mafia movies where a new "business partner" of the Don's gets to see his predecessor shoved through a meat grinder and used as chum for shark feeding. The Don then leans forward and looks the guy in the eyes and says, "Do we have an understanding?"

  14. Bob,

    I've really enjoyed your articles on "talking code" brings to mind an article by renowned linguist Steven Pinker that sheds some light on the advantages of talking this way. In short: plausible deniability and suppression of common knowledge.

  15. I didn't get a sense of any "code." It just seemed like the normal way a person would insinuate that his son is to be protected. Wink, wink, style ya know? It hasn't benefited me to get into the conspiracy theories. It doesn't change the fact that the State is out of control, regardless of who's pulling the strings.

  16. why are you bloggers always so agressive ?
    maybe the 1st post wasn't polite, but I think he had a point: the second sentance could have been written better.
    Would it have killed you to show how superior you are, and be polite ?

  17. I'm with Deft on this one. As I read through that whole post I kept looking for the "code". When I couldn't find any in the Bush letter I assumed you would spell it out for us.

    Like Deft said, to me it just sounds like normal "We're not gonna have a problem here, are we, Tommy? (And that wasn't a question)" talk.

    When you bring in the customer with promises of cloak and dagger stuff, that's kind of what they're expecting. Do you have any examples of actual "code"?

  18. Here's a couple of code words for the Barking Moonbats: "Masons", "Illuminati", "Zionists"...Zog was only hinted at...

  19. Take the poll:

    Will you pledge right now, that if Ron Paul is NOT the GOP Nominee in 2012, that you will NOT vote in November?

  20. For those who think theirs no power elite global conspiracy, see Charlotte Iserbyts insider bean spilling on what her dad and grandad Bonesmen were all up to.

    Just search Iserbyt Bones on youtube

    1. Thanks for the link. I hadn't heard of her before now.
      I'm finding that a lot more Americans are becoming privy to the truth than I have previously seen. I'm encouraged by that.
      I believe the best we can do is continue to investigate the truth of things and talk to each other about it. Thank God for the internet.
      For a good understanding of how the bankers/world industrialists have used fractional banking to plunder the wealth of the world I suggest this video: The Moneymakers

      Some books:by Antony Sutton
      Wall street and the rise of Adolf Hitler
      Wall street and FDR
      Wall street and the Bolshevik revolution

      Gary Allen: None dare call it conspiracy
      The Rockefeller File
      Anything by Ron Paul

      Read, investigate, educate and talk about it. To win America back requires acknowledging and knowing the enemy and their tactics. They are very deceptive in their efforts to break us from within. Most people don't have a clue who they are. For example: The Federal Reserve refuses to disclose who their owners are. Even to congress! And congress accepts that. And we accept that! These guys are in charge of our monetary policies and we don't even know who they are! Really?
      But we do know them. By their fruits. Anyone perpetuating any type of collectivism (socialism, communism, totalitarianism, dictatorship are all examples of collectivism)as opposed to Individualism. Americans need to have a clear understanding of the difference if we are to succeed in regaining our country. It would do no good to "throw the rascals out" just to have them replaced by the same or worse. It's an ideal that needs to be fought for and that ideal is Individualism. Our founders understood this all too well. We need to as well know what we're fighting for.

    2. How come no one castigated the writer that doesn't know 'their' from 'there'? Not even entertaining.....