Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Official Rand Paul to Run for Senate

Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, will be a candidate for the for the Kentucky U.S. senate seat left vacant by the retiring Jim Bunning.

Writes Lew Rockwell via Chris Hightower:

Rand Paul, Bowling Green Eye Surgeon and son of former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, today announces he is officially in the race for the US Senate representing Kentucky. Dr. Paul will now transition his exploratory committee to a full election committee.

Dr. Paul has been respectful of incumbent Senator Bunning’s courage in opposing the bank bailout. Dr. Paul waited for Senator Bunning’s difficult decision not to run for re-election before entering the race.

“I think the main thing that motivates me to run for office is the debt fueled by Washington’s out of control spending. I think we’re drowning in a sea of debt, as a country. The deficit this year will be 13% of the GNP. This is an historic high. The danger is going to be inflation within a year or two, and prices may rise rapidly.”

Rand Paul’s official campaign website is

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