Wednesday, August 5, 2009

EPJ Blows by MarginalRevolution and Greg Mankiw....

and is breathing down the neck of LRC.


  1. How are you measuring these comparisons? If you look at Alexa's reports, Marginal Revolution is blowing EPJ away:

    Frankly, I prefer your site, but I'm skeptical that so many other people are smart enough to feel the same way.

  2. Quantcast daily viewership compares 100% accurately with my traffic logs. Alexa doesn't even provide visitor data.

    Some time back I pointed out flaws in Alexa algorithms.

  3. Umm...

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  5. @ disntr

    A. The data from site analytics is from June. This is August. Quantcast is real time.

    B. I have no idea what algorithims are used by any of these other sites (Alexa, Siteanalytics). I know Alexa's can be skewed big time.

    C. Quantcast is not using an algorithim for me or LRC. It is real hard data. They have code on my site and LRC's. As I have said before, Quantcasts numbers match up with the data I get from my tracking vis Google analytics.

    No one other analytic other than Quantcast has code on my site. Therefore, no one else can be as accurate via my data versus LRC's.