Monday, August 10, 2009

Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill, Part 2

I hope you didn't think that everything about the healthcare bill was covered in Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill. If you did, you were wrong. That just covered the first 500 pages. There's another 500 pages. Peter Fleckstien (aka Fleckman) has also read the second 500 pages.

As I write this, there are some 159 comments at the original Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill. Some comments are left by people truly in shock by what the Obama Administration is trying to pull off. Others charge that his interpretations of the bill are incorrect and hint that he is purposely being misleading. To those commenters I have this to say:

Peter Fleckstein having read the entire 1,000 plus page document makes note about what is written in the bill and his view of what it means. When he writes, for example,"I smell ACORN" the bill doesn't mention ACORN but community organizations. Fleckstein knows what community organization means and helps the reader out by writing what he believes. The bill, itself, is written in dense legalese. I challenge anyone to read fully even the first 100 pages. Thank the heavens that Fleckstein is there to read the bill and comment on it, without the legalese.

I consider Fleckstein a hero for having read the whole damn thing. Paul Revere may have rode on his butt all night to warn about the British, however, after a good days rest, he was probably back to his normal self. Fleckstein has ploughed through 1,000 pages of this obtuse bill which must have cost him hours and hours and hours on his butt, and drained his eyes, to warn about a Draconian, totalitarian healthcare bill. Paul Revere is a hero for what he did to warn about the British. Peter Fleckstein is a hero to warn about healthcare totalitarianism.

At no point does Fleckstein shirk from standing up behind every word he writes. There is literally a page, chapter and verse reference from the Bill for every comment he makes. On all my posts and Fleckstein's there is always a link to the bill itself so you can checkout any comment Fleckstein makes against the exact point in the bill that he references.

Further, as one commenter put it, many who are looking at Fleckstein's interpretations are missing the big picture. Obama is marketing this bill as a program to help those who don't have health insurance, but if that is the case, what are all the detailed regulations for the rest of us about? If Obama just wants to provide healthcare to those who don't have it, then why doesn't he do just that and control the healthcare standards, billing, tracking and prices he is willing to pay, for those people under his program. What the hell does this have to do with the rest of us? I think Obama's entire healthcare program is a politician's cheap trick, even when he is talking about the poor and the uninsured (See here), but everyone should be able to smell the totalitarian rat when Obama is putting on all kinds of controls on all healthcare.

Here's what Fleckstein found in the second 500 pages:

Pg 503 Lines 13-19 Govt will build registries and data networks from YOUR electronic med records.

PG 506 Lines 19-21 The Center will recommend policies that would allow for public access of data.

PG 518 Lines 21-25 The Commission will have input from HC consumer reps – Can u say unions & ACORN?

PG 621 Lines 20-25 Govt will define what Quality means in HC. Since when does Govt know about quality?

PG 624 “Quality” measures shall b designed to profile u including race, age, gender, place of residence, etc

Pg 630 9-24/631 1-9 Those Multi-stake holder groups incl. Unions & groups like ACORN deciding HC quality.

PG 633 14-25/ 634 1-9 The Secretary may issue non-endorsed “Qual Measures” 4 Physician Svcs & Dialysis Svcs.

Pg 635 to 653 Physicians Payments Sunshine Provision – Govt wants to shine sunlight on Docs but not Govt.

PG 660-671 Doctors in Residency – Govt will tell U where ur residency will b, thus where u’ll live.

Pg 676-686 Govt will regulate hospitals in EVERY aspect of residency programs, incl. teaching hospitals.

PG 711 Lines 8-14 The Secretary has broad powers to deny HC providers/suppliers admittance into HC Exchng.

Pg 719-720 Sec 1637 ANY Doctor who orders durable med equip or home med svcs MUST b enrolled in Medicare.

Pg 735 lines 16-25 For law enforce. purposes the Secretary-HHS will give Atty General access to ALL data.

Pg 757-762 Fed govt will shift burden of payments 2 Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH) 2 States. (Taxes)

Pg 768 Sec 1713 Govt – Nurse Home Visitation Svcs (Hello union paybacks)

Pg 769 3-5 Nurse Home Visit Svcs – “increasing birth intervals btwn pregnancies.” Govt Abortions any1?

Pg 770 SEC 1714 Fed Govt mandates eligibility 4 State Family Planning Svcs. Say abortion & State Sovereign.

Pg 789-797 Govt will set, mandate drug prices, controlling which drugs brought 2 mrkt. Bye innovation

PG 801 Sec 1751 The Govt will decide which Health care conditions will be paid. Say RATION!

Pg 810 SEC. 1759. Billing Agents, clearinghouses, etc req. 2 register. Govt takes over private payment sys.

PG 829-833 Govt will impose a fee on ALL private health ins. plans incl. self insured to pay for Trust Fund!

Pg 838-840 Govt will design & implem. Home Visitation Prog 4 families w young kids & families expect kids.

PG 844-845 OMG! This Home Visitation Prog. includes Govt coming in2 ur house & telling u how 2 parent

Pg 859 Govt will establish a Public Health Fund at a cost of $88,800,000,000. Yes thats Billion.

Pg 865 The Govt will MANDATE the establishment of a National Health Service Corps

PG 865 to 876 The NHS Corps is a program where Drs. perform mandatory HC for 2yrs for part loan repayment

PG 876-892 The govt takes over the education of our Med students and Drs

PG 898 The Govt will establish a Public Health Workforce Corps. 2 ensure supply of public health prof.

PG 898 The Public health workforce corps shall consist of civilian employees of the U.S. as Secretary deems.

PG 900 The Public Health Workforce Corps includes veterinarians

PG 901 The Public Health Workforce Corps WILL incl commissioned Regular & Reserve Officers. HC Draft? WTF!

PG 910 The Govt will develop, build & run Public Health Training Centers.

PG 913-914 Govt starts a HC affirmative action program thru guise of diversity scholarships.

PG 915 SEC. 2251. Govt MANDATES Cultural & linguistic competency trng 4 HC professionals.

Pg 932 The Govt will estab Preventative & Wellness Trust fund- intial cost of $30,800,000,000-Billion

PG 936 Govt will develop “Healthy People & National Public Health Perform. Standards” Tell me what 2 eat?

PG 942 Lines 22-25 More Govt? Offices of Surg. Gen. -Public Health Svc, MinorityHealth, Women’s Health

PG 993 Govt will establish school based health clinics. Your kids wont have a chance.

PG 994 School Based Health Clinic will be integrated into the school environment. Say GOVT Brainwash!

PG 1001 The Govt will establish a National Medical Device Registry. Will u be tracked?

PG 1003 9-11 National Med Dev Reg ‘‘(iii) other postmarket device surveillance activities” U WILL b tracked.

Here's the Bill itself.


  1. "PG 994 School Based Health Clinic will be integrated into the school environment. Say GOVT Brainwash!"

    VERY SCARY! The percentage of school children on Ritalin is going to go through the goddamn roof! And can you imagine what would happen if the kids refused to take their prescribed "medicine"?


    Go the race soulless pinko commie pieces of shit!

  2. You Paul Revere analogy is excellent. The fabric of our freedoms is under attack. This is old-style USSR-style, totalitarianism. Frightening. Thank the two of you very much for the warnings.

  3. Outsider's question: what's going to happen to someone who doesn't follow this law in one of the seemingly infinite ways possible?

    BTW, that is by no means anything like "USSR-style" as I know what "USSR style" actually was, hence the above question. The USSR healthcare was freely accessible, freely avoidable, not perfect and definitely not obtrusive, but it did the job of keeping a USA-size population in a reasonably good order for a reasonable cost. Extra services/care/facilities were available to the elite, which in USA would be the rich, which makes sense.

    The things in that law though smell like a (pre-)wartime decree in a "do it or die" style. But a war on what this time?

  4. Everyone, this is a great bill. Its expensive, but he's covering a lot to jump start a failed system that will eventually break the country. Anyone who is fearful of this bill does not understand what is being accomplished or is just blind to the problems facing our country. I urge you to read the bill, or sections of the bill that concern you. We do not have the best health care system in the world, not even close, and this bill helps to emulate some of strategies that work in other countries. When I read the comments I am disappointed with the state of education in this country.

  5. how can you red this bill and think it is good? I thought the problem was the uninsured ad high health care costs. almost everything else in this bill should not be there. it is gov. intrusion on a huge level. one line not mention in your is line 972 which opens the door to allowing more than 2 genders and the insurance plan covering sex changes. that is my tax dollars doing something i morally object to. i won't even go into the abortions debate here but it fits. I think we the people are finally opening our eyes and getting educated on the fine print of these bills with seemingly good manes with good intentions. they are hiding behind a real need to pass radical agendas.

  6. Just because people morally object to things like abortion, acknowledging sex undifferentiated individuals, and allowing sex change operations, doesn't mean its not best for the country. This plan does four great things: (1) prevents private health insurance companies from price gouging and improper denial or termination of coverage, (2) sets up a low cost insurance plan for those who need it, (3) creates oversight of the health care industry through a diverse panel of experts and (4) places emphasis on preventative health and community outreach. People are only afraid of aspects that are not in the bill, but rather conspiracy agendas they feel are in place after the passing of the bill. We can't all be selfish and ignore the interests of others and still be a great country.

    1. You my friend are a moron or a gov employee! You obviously are part of the 49% who collect instead of contribute to the system! If not you are plain uneducated and I am sorry that you don't understand What it means to be free, I do not think its ok for us to loose out on our constitutional rights because the Gov cannot balance the budget! When it all comes down to it the Goverment is bank-O and they are on a rampage to Disarm and control the populous! If you cannot see that open your eyes!

  7. Where in the USSR did one of your readers fine good health care? I am a ENT physician and on a mission trip, just out side Moscow, in a previously closed scientific city. I saw a patient who had mastoid surgery with a recurrent cholesteatoma who was never going back to the Moscow ENT surgery facility because the surgery was under local anesthesia with a hammer and gouge, it lasted 4 hours and he had been terrified by the care. US surgeons have not used hammers and gouges since the 1930s and my visit was in 2004. The local ENT physician had no microscope, endoscopes, her equipment was 1930s. There were no choices of non ototoxic ear drops for her to prescribe. That kind of care is approaching a poor 3rd world standard.
    This healthcare bill is horrible. A few simple reforms, like standardized billing and claims adjudication, standardized benefits, health courts for errors and compensation. Defensive medicine is costing at least 10-15% of health care costs with unnecessary testing and Imaging. Electronic Medical Records will help but not to the extent it is being sold to us. I know I have used these systems for 6 years and I can not see the numbers of patients I could with paper charts. Thus decreased efficiency. The end of life care needs to address reassurance that the patient will not be abandoned. Physicians and families need to do a better job of communicating that a cure is not possible and love and support will serve their loved ones more than futile care with outlandish costs. Family pressure and concern for suits drive this process. My father's hospice care was supportive wonderful for him and my mother. Why not start hospice the last 9 months of life rather than the last 6 months. Just like auto insurance health insurance should be rated on controllable risks. You are held accountable for auto accidents and traffic fines, why not use risky behaviors like Body Mass Index, use of tobacco,drugs, etc. Give the patient 3 years to get their weight and habits controlled or their premium will go up to meet the difference in health care cost. They have to be held accountable We should not expect others to pay for their choices. The UK and Canada have not been able to control chronic illness, and when a service is free, there is no incentive to change one's behavior. A sugar or junk food tax for a few pennies does not have the shock value of a $500 or $l000 increase in premium because of ones behavior. Let the private health insurers do this job. They will be more creative and might even make a justifiable profit. The government has never been efficient, work in a VA hospital as I have. The inefficiencies of big hospital systems are terrible as well. For me to wait 45 minutes or longer between surgical cases in the time I would have seen 2-3 patients in the office. In a physician owned hospital the incentive for efficiency gives me a 15 minute turn around time, and I am pushing it to write orders, dictate and talk with the family before the next case. And we get paid less by Medicare and Medicaid than the nonprofits.
    I am able to talk to insurers about patient's needs, though it may take my time, I can guarantee you I will not be able to talk to a bureaucrat and get anything approved in a patient's best interest. I could go on for hours.

  8. Utter garbage Doc. For one, countries like the UK motivate NHS doctors through salaries to increase preventative health and reduce risky behaviors. If you are able to, for example, get your patient to quit smoking, get on an exercise plan, or lower their blood pressure, you will get additional reimbursement. Its easy to cherry pick (as you have done) the USSR as an example of problematic government health care. How about the UK, Italy, Spain, Canada, France, or any other industrialized nation in the West. The US is the only industrialized country in the West without a public plan. Its a disgrace. The best Health care system as evaluated by the World Health Organization is in France, which is a hybrid of private and public health options (similar to this bill). You also link "efficiency" with seeing as many patients as possible. Rapid consultations with the incentives pushing toward procedures over lifestyle discussions is not efficient. Sure, it might be quicker to use paper charts (as a psychologist, I used these for many years), but paper charts are useless when it comes to creating an early alert system, conducting aggregate analyses, and are a poor means to communicate patient information to other specialists or groups. I advise you to join the thousands of Physicians that support a public option at . We all need to work together, even if it means supporting people who do not have coverage or have been forced to eat the cheapest food, been exposed to high life stress, or are not educated or do not have the luxury of preventative health.

  9. re John said:
    apparently you haven't heard....
    you need to cross the UK and
    Canada off your list (probably
    others if they were willing to
    share)and put them on list B;
    additionally, add to list B
    HA, TN, and MN, states that have
    recently tried and failed. The
    most alarming thing is these
    brave souls have spoken up and
    SOME refuse to hear the wisdom
    of their words! Most of us agree
    there must be reforms made....but
    not single pay, which gives just
    too much power(and money)to too
    few people! i.e. Social Security,
    Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA
    program are all examples (and all
    virtually bankrupt) of the very
    best you could expect!


  10. The WHO report was on health systems, not health care. Oddly enough the calculation for health systems include a bonus for having government universal health care. That means that the formula is not valid for comparing the US health system to those systems.

    If you read the report you can find out what a health system is defined, it is not health care.

    The OECD report also rated health systems, not health care. I have not found an analysis of the calculation used for that report and I am not going to pay the $80.00 for the report. If they really want the US to take the report seriously they should provide it at a rate the people from the US can afford, like free and open, as in a Creative Common license. Afterall, the US citizens are the ones who run the government.

  11. I have been in Health Care for 30 years it needs to be reined in 1/2 drugs out that are new = junk, the system is screwing everybody

    You need to learn to read the bill will pull in COSTS


  12. ... And you think it's going to get better with this administration in the pocket(book)s of Monsanto and the pharmaceutical industries? State-indoctrinated doctors are going to provide MORE of these drugs we currently have, though there will likely be a decrease in new ones.

    I don't know if an overhaul is needed in the private sector, and though I do believe we need some amendments to current government-run health care programs I do not think we need to have health care socialized to fix things.

    I think it's bizarre that just as I started to read Atlas Shrugged again I saw the events in that book taking place, just substituting the HC industry with manufacturing industries. I feel like anyone who doesn't see that this is the first step towards an unAmerican America is an ignorant fool, but that's simply my opinion.

  13. According to Glen Beck this is illegal to pass this bill, by all rights they can't do this with our constitution, Please don't let them get away with this. It is stupid to force people to buy into this and fine them if they don't. It is a rotten deal and we can't let them do this to us.

  14. Has anybody else fact checked this "translation?" I checked 3 of the line items, and all three translations were outright wrong.

    PG 844-845 OMG! This Home Visitation Prog. includes Govt coming in2 ur house & telling u how 2 parent

    The home visitation program is clearly marked as voluntary. The government won't be bashing in your door to brainwash your kids.

    PG 876-892 The govt takes over the education of our Med students and Drs

    These pages actually concern grants provided to medical students.

    Pg 789-797 Govt will set, mandate drug prices, controlling which drugs brought 2 mrkt. Bye innovation

    These pages actually ammend 42 U.S.C. 1396r-8 which is a social security bill concerned with drug rebates. As for government control of what is brought to market, we have that today. Its called the FDA.

    I'm not saying I'm in favor of the health care reform bill. I'm not, but I wouldn't put too much faith in the "translation" presented here. Instead, you should use it as a reference point to read some sections of the bill for yourself.

  15. Although the translations aren't the best, it's still the basic concept that is getting covered. I commend those who read the bill. It's 1000+ pages of bad ideas.

    As for saying that our healthcare is "broken", it's not. People just need to work harder in life. People need to start realizing, as kids, that you can't slack off in life, ever. You always have to work hard at everything you do. You always have to give 100%. The harder you work the more money you should make and the more successful you should be, those who deserve healthcare would get it. This isn't a communistic country; we don't just going around giving people free this and free that. Our fathers designed our government as a Democracy, not a Communistic society. This is why this concept isn't working, it's too communistic for our country's government system. We are falling apart in the process of changing government systems and we don't even know it. It's insane what is happening to America and it needs to be stopped and it's not going to happen just be the people, it's needs to be taken a level further if we want to make any progress. We the people need to start a new revolution because we are not being heard.

    1. Well said! You are correct !
      That is why they are going after the Second amendment! Don't you people see? If you first disarm the people it becomes much easier to inforce communism! Our dictator Obama can then do what ever he chooses as all safe Gaurds will have been removed, why do you think he has signed more executive orders then any other president in's because he thinks he can decide on his own what we can or cannot do! Please regardless of your political & religious views stand up for a common goal ........ Freedom to choose..... Freedom to believe what you want and live your life as you choose! Remember this is American the home of the free! And this my friend is becoming very untrue every day Dictator Obama is in office!
      Really why did the founding fathers put together a constitution in the first place???
      Why would they make the second right to bare arms? Why so important? Well I tell you what if you think for a second it had anything to do with hunting your seriously misinformed as back in throes days if you didn't have a gun and hunt you didn't eat!
      The second amendment is specifically there to prevent the current situation!
      To prevent a tyrannical Goverment from infringing on the rights of the people!
      Am I the only one who thinks that people should be paid for there work based on performance........if this is true shouldn't most people in Goverment not be getting paid ? Seriously is the budget so far off that we are now enslaving this debt onto our grand kids and there grand kids...... Do you not think they should be fired for running the economy into the ground, handing out our tax dollers to bail out the banks! Are you kidding me right now........ We the people bailed out the banks with money out kids kids kids will have to repay Am I the only one who finds this unexceptable?

      We the people need to wake the Fu€# up and gather together for the coming revolution.......we must throw out this corrupt administration staring with the impeachment of Dictator Obama and then start downsizing the Goverment and get real people in office that will do the right thing for the people rather then there own agenda !
      If you think for a minute Obamas administration give a flying fu€# about us your crazy.
      I warn you that we are at a turning point, a point of no return! Once you disarm the people and empower a tyrannical dictator going back becomes virtually impossible as the King will never step down, or back down once he is given full power to do as he chooses! And yea it's that important we stop this administration now! Impeachment is just the beginning as there is a whole group of corrupt gov officials that are not for the people! They are for there pocket book!
      By the way since when do you pay a government employee 3-4x better wages then the same position in the privet market? Since when do the failed government employees get to retire at 50 when we have to work our whole life to then be jacked with crap healthcare and dwindling SS income?

      HELP PLEASE HELP YOUR FELLOW AMERICAN AND WAKE UP, we are under attack by a tyrannical administration determined to strip as many constitutional rights as possible!