Friday, September 25, 2009

Russia Says Iran's Construction of Nuclear Enrichment Plant Violates UN Security Council Decisions

Russia has certainly done an about face on Iran, of late. What could possibly be behind the change?

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  1. With things like that, truth is never on the surface, never public, so the seemingly obvious connections are probably misleading. You may not have heard it in western press, but the same (or the next) day after that missile defense flip, Russians said they withdraw their countermeasures. Yep, there were countermeasures, at least in plans. Short range ballistic missiles (nuclear capable) were supposed to be a countermeasure to ensure the continuing effectiveness of the strategic nuclear deterrent. Now they say there is no need. So either way there is not much of a change after this flip. Two possible reasons: 1. Iran is toast and/or 2. Pentagon's budget is toast.