Wednesday, October 14, 2009

JPMorgan Reports $3.6 Billion 3Q Profit

It pays to be President Obama's favorite banker. Both Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual were gifted to JPMorgan by the United States government, and the results are showing.

Net income for the third quarter climbed to $3.6bn, or 82 cents a share, from $527m, or 9 cents, in the same period a year ago.

JPMorgan, itself, said it had continued to benefit from its acquisition of Washington Mutual and that it had seen fewer markdowns on legacy leveraged lending and mortgage positions.

Investment banking was also strong. No doubt helped by the fact that, as NyPo reported, JPM is scoring lead mandates to help both troubled auto companies restructure as well as handling the planned merger of Chrysler's finance arm with GMAC, resulting in lucrative fees for the bank...

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  1. sound great! average american families being forced out of their homes while U.S. Government props up these collapsed pieces of merde and then lets them reap huge profits while the taxpayers who paid for these massive bank bailouts, are living in tent cities.

    JUSTICE now spelled JUST US