Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are the California Masses Catching on to the Government Scam?

Maybe just a little.

I wandered over to Washington DC's Newseum for a bit today where the Internet Innovation Alliance was holding a conference.

The keynote speaker was the former California Speaker, Fabian Núñez.

Núñez is now a partner and co-chair of Mercury Public Affairs, LLC. Mercury "specializes in high-value public affairs at the intersection of business, government, politics, and media." Núñez's specialty is California.

Núñez told the IIA audience that when he ran for office in California he would always run with a tax the rich platform. He said numbers would show that somewhere around 68% would be in favor of such taxes. But, he says now, California polls show that even the lower classes are against tax the rich programs. Said Núñez, "Maybe they figure that the rich will figure out away to put the taxes on them."

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