Thursday, December 10, 2009

Financial Institution Anthrax Scares

Employees at the American Express headquarters at 3 World Financial Center downtown had an anthrax scare this afternoon and three floors had to be evacuated, according to NBC New York.
Also a Bank of America tower in Tampa bay received envelopes containing white powder today.

According to, around 500 people were evacuated from a Bank of America facility Thursday afternoon, after the company received packets of white powder and a threatening letter.

At the American Express building, several suspicious envelopes containing a "white powdery substance" were discovered in financial giant's offices at 200 Vesey Street sometime before 3 p.m., sources inside of the company told

AmEx officials immediately contacted authorities, and the building's 39th, 40th, and 51st floors -- where the envelopes were discovered -- were evacuated. The building's heating and air-conditioning system was also turned off, according to an internal memo.

The investigation was still ongoing, officials said it was too soon to tell if there was any toxicity in the malicious missives. Some employees who came in contact with the powder were scrubbed down by hazmat crews

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