Wednesday, January 13, 2010

People Against Banana Fungus

Paul Krugman is well-known for stating that he prefers banana fungus to deductive thinking about economics.

Happily, it does not appear he is starting a trend. Lew Rockwell reports that 504 people have signed up for the Houston Mises Circle event on January 23rd. In addition to Rockwell, the speakers will be Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Doug French and David Gordon. These are all deductive thinkers, not a banana fungus lover among them.

I attended the San Francisco Mises Circle last year and I didn't spot Krugman, a banana with fungus or otherwise, but here's what I have written in the past about these events:
By attending in person, it will give you the rare opportunity to meet some of the leading supporters of liberty. These are truly modern day sons of liberty. Rockwell, for example, is one of the greatest organizers and marketers for the cause of liberty, ever. Paul Revere rode a horse one night for the cause of liberty, and he is in the history books. Rockwell has been spreading the message of liberty, and sounding the alarm about those who want to take it away for his entire adult life. It's a courageous act, and I don't say this lightly. Lew has a powerful web site. I'm sure he's on a few statist lists, and you really don't know what plans the statists have for the future, but you can still count on Rockwell to have the courage Monday through Saturday to confront them on his web site.
A good part of the reason for attending in person is to mingle with the crowd, for perhaps the first time in your life you will be among fellow travelers who get it.
So if you are in the Houston area, get on down there. Hell, if you are in San Antonio, Austin or Dallas set your car on auto-speed, put those government roads that you over-paid for to good use, and get down there.

Here's where you sign up.

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  1. Wenzel,

    Auto-speed, is that like the equivalent of audio auto-tuning for motor vehicles, or is that the speed an automobile should optimally be driven at, or what?

    Either way, I'll be there. Also, there's a big gun show at Houston's Reliant Center the same day, so liberty lovers in attendance can get a 2-fer, time-wise, and get themselves a dose of truth along with a firearm for self-defense all in one day!

    I suppose the weather is too nice and the condos too cheap in Miami for you to stop by?