Sunday, February 21, 2010

Soros Invests In a People Tracking Company

What's billionaire George Soros doing investing in a tiny company out of Jamaica? Answer: He has found a company that tracks student lunches and is working on tracking: attendance, transportation, grades and welfare payments.

It is becoming increasingly clear that if George Soros makes an investment, there is usually some government backing of the investment in some fashion, and it is generally an investment that is not moving the world in the direction of freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

Check out this curious Soros investment, as disclosed by Jamaica's Gleacher News:
A small Jamaican firm that has made a name for itself providing technology-based solutions for some financial administration problems that plague schools has secured a United States government contract and an undisclosed amount of capital from American billionaire George Soros to transfer its expertise to a problem-plagued school-lunch programme in the West African nation of Ghana. The programme is said to be costing the government there US$250 million a year to administer.

Student Card Limited (SCL) was among 14 firms that each received between US$50,000 and US$100,000 in January as seed funding from the United States Agency for International Development for various projects under what is known as the African Diaspora Market programme.

While it has not been ascertained which investment vehicle Soros is using to help capitalise SCL, it is expected that the financier will take up to a 20 per cent stake in the enterprise.

The firm is a local provider of technology to educational institutions in Jamaica. Its products and services include an electronic student lunch card, which provides greater accountability and easier administration for such feeding programmes...

The company is also targeting other public institutions to apply the technology platform to solving many other administrative issues, including those affecting public-library management, welfare-service reconciliation, public-transport passes, grade reporting, student-development tracking, attendance management and access controls.
This investment has the smell of pure evil. The first stop may be Ghana, but when a billionaire global interventionist invests in a tiny company that seems bent on developing more and more people tracking systems starting when a kid grabs his kindergarten lunch, I get real nervous.


  1. This is the new USAID espoused by Hillary Clinton, a week before the Haiti earthquake.

    It's where the rich will steer "government philanthropy", while apparently getting investment opportunities.

    As Hillary said, "investment chases opportunity."

  2. Soros is an old man, does he think he will live forever. His money will not buy his way out of hell.