Sunday, March 28, 2010

Advanced Conspiracy Theory: Where Are the War Protesters?

Every once and awhile, you will see a post at a blog lamenting that there aren't any war protesters around the way there were during the Vietnam War.

Part of the reason is because  of the current all volunteer army in the U.S. Youth who don't want to go to war don't have to. It removes one of the big incentives to protest. You would need some serious rabble rousers to get the youth motivated. You know, like Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. Hey, what ever happen to those two?

Uh, they both died early deaths under unusual circumstances.

Hoffman died at 52 from, ahem, a drug overdose. It was ruled a suicide. Some friends of Hoffman questioned the finding.

Rubin died at the age of 56 after being, ahem, accidentally hit by a car while crossing Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles.

Just saying.


  1. The more relevant question is where have all the war protesters gone since Obama was elected?

    It seems the whole anti-war movement of the last 8 years was just a slick campaign gimmick.

    People are still dying. Civil liberties are still being eroded. Torture is still growing in scope, the war has expanded to Pakistan and Yemen, The US has stepped up intimidation of countries like China, Iran, Venezuala and others, and the military budget keeps going up.

    Is it possible that the whole anti-Bush crowd was just a bunch of narcissists trying to feel superior to rednecks?

  2. It's very possible, and thank you for pointing it out. I made that same point yesterday on a discussion board full of White House fans and their answer was that "the anti-war faction of the left has no power".
    : /

  3. The Obama personality-cultists are hypocrites just as were the Bush personality-cultists. Neither can stand criticism of their guy, no matter how monstrous his policies. And, sadly enough, their policies are interchangeable in every significant way. Same smell, different turd. Neither party can be trusted to lead the country because both are owned by the same big money.

  4. For those not familiar with the term "The tree is blue"; the term comes from a program ran in the 60’s – 70’s where children were programmed to respond to a call-to-will/arms.

    This effort was not unlike the popular manchurian candidate theory, however this projects intent was an attempt to squelch the uprising of the military establishment in the forthcoming/present situation. Unfortunately, the last bastions of this effort have been 'far removed'.

    It’s all about a peaceful and non-destructive effort to maintain the status quo.

    If you understand the message "the tree is blue" and are a good-little frog, then you will know what to do.

  5. Protest! My God there are less than 600 of them making decisions for over 300 million of us. By in large the wrong ones. This two party ping pong charade has certainly worn out it's welcome, at least, for those of us that still have the ability to think and aren't afraid of standing by our own conclusions. But sadly the vast majority of people can't.There is no statute of limitations on murder and that is exactly what these wars are and have been from the beginning. Since the elected beligerent enemy dissident homegrown terrorists that led us there have done so with impunity and have kept us there, why aren't McCain and Lieberman calling for them to be handed over to a military tribunal. Let's waterboard these treasonous criminals to get all the details that surely they must be withholding from the state. And presuming there innocence of course, if the tribunal were to render a verdict of guilty, a noose would surely be warranted. And by the way Congress, the next time you decide we should invade countries where we have no enemies because you trying to convince the world that you are fighting terrorist, maybe you should think about closing off your borders, or at least having a no tolerance policy on illegally penetrating them. Oh pardon me, weren't you aware that maybe all terrorists don't fly.