Monday, March 22, 2010

How ObamaCare Will End Up with Bernie Madoff Types in Charge of Your Diagnosis and Treatment

The real story about ObamaCare is that it will eventually result in a dramatic decline in the quality of healthcare in the United States. It will also kill creativity and innovation in the field of healthcare. The bill is driven by some very evil people in the Obama Administration. They are power freaks of the first degree, who want to control your life.

The lead power freaks, after Obama himself, are ethicist Ezekiel Emanuel and "nudger" Cass Sunstein.

Emanuel believes it is government who should decide who gets care, when and how much. Sunstein is the operative who knows that Emanuel's real plan would be rejected out of hand by the American people, so he has set up and designed ObamaCare so that it nudges America towards Emanuel's goals without most Americans realizing what is going on.

The end goal is a national healthcare program. It will lower the life expectancy of Americans. Eventually, the decline in expectancy will be dramatic.

Here is why.

ObamaCare, among lots of other expensive items, calls for:
A set up of a long-term care program under which people pay premiums into a system for at least five years and become eligible for support payments if they need assistance in daily living.

Medicaid, the federal-state program for the poor, expands to all Americans with income up to 133% of federal poverty level.

These entitlements, and others, are very costly. Even without these entitlements, the government budget is out of control. However, the lobbyists in the healthcare industry will lobby for useless treatments that individuals will not be able to understand. Think of the entire healthcare system becoming a decision making force like the one that resulted in the absurd H1N1 flu vaccine.

It will be very difficult for most to understand what treatments are needed, or should be demanded, and what are planted lobbyist H1N1 type treatments that would not be justified, or called for, in a free medical industry. The industry will eventually become indoctrinated with true believers who don't think for themselves, but are good at following orders. They will also consider themselves as superior to their patients. Think TSA agents in medical garb. The rules will become absurd, but don't dare question.

In this circus atmosphere, there will be no cuts in total healthcare. Any savings in one area will be more than absorbed by lobbyists skillfully and shrewdly capturing the government healthcare agencies, for the products of their clients, whether or not we really need the products.

The same way Bernie Madoff schmoozed the SEC and the same way Goldman Sachs sticks its tentacles into the government, the healthcare lobbyists will do the same to the government healthcare agencies. Except, this time it will be your health at risk and not your money. Well, I guess it WILL be your money, also, since you will have to pay for the madness.

Eventually, it will be a Bernie Madoff type schmoozers who will end up deciding how you are diagnosed and treated. This will result in costs that will grow dramatically out of control. One could argue that the nudger, Cass Sunstein, designed it on purpose this way.

This is why ObamaCare has an "Independent" Medicare board that will submit recommendations to curb Medicare spending, if costs are rising faster than inflation. No question, they will climb faster under this mad design. It will then be blamed on "greedy" free market insurance companies and healthcare providers. But, if this has anything to do with free markets, then I'm sure the post office really invented email, the internet and Twitter.

Once the Medicare board comes into play, the evil nudger will begin to play in his mad laboratory to eliminate competition and nudge the country towards national care. The recommendations will call for controls on the "greedy" insurance companies and healthcare providers. It will wipe nudge many out of business. But it will never end up damaging the Bernie Madoff types, the schmoozers. The recommendations will damage everyone else because that's what the Bernie Madoff type schmoozers will want. Until in the end, the only ones left standing under ObamaCare are the friends of Obama, Sunstein and Emanuel. It will be a quasi-national healthcare program under the influence of the Bernie Madoff types and power freaks.

This, my friends, is going to be the health system that is being set up to diagnose and treat you.


  1. The "Wizard of Oz" like nature of this unfolding drama is quite astounding. Pay no attention to "the man behind the curtain" (who is robbing you blind) just gaze upon the flashy benefits the man promises to give you. In the mean time health care stocks and health care insurance stocks continue to rise. Obama sure has "smashed" the insurance industry with his legislation hasn't he? Or is this just an indication that it will ultimately fail?