Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The National Worker ID Card as an Evil Instrument of Control

First, here's Ron Paul to explain the card.

Ron Paul is absolutely correct in calling this card very bad.

Just keep in mind that the use of the card as a "worker" ID card is step one. Ron Paul correctly states that that the social security card was specifically not to be an ID card. That has certainly changed. Try getting a job or a drivers license without one.

Once a card is instituted into the system, card creep will begin. It will begin to be used for other purposes. First, what they will do is mark the easy ones, sex offenders and those found guilty of domestic violence. Then they'll do those who have a DUI charge. Then they'll do those who are charged with hate speech.Then they'll mark the cards of those who have been arrested for protesting. Then it will be those who have managed their employees in an "abusive" manner.

Eventually, landlords will be required to have the card reader. If you are a sex offender (and in many states this is broadly defined to include hookers), you will not be able to live in a neighborhood where there is any type of activities for children, regardless of how small the group of children and how well chaperoned. Which means you will end up in the dead end part of town. Try to turn your life around after getting marked like this, forget about it. You will be on the street as a hooker, until you die.

If you were married to someone, or went out on a date with someone, who was legally savvy and charged you with "domestic violence", it will be on your card. Want to get married again? The card will be checked and at a minimum you will have to take "domestic abuse" classes. Way down the road, with this mark, you may be denied the right to re-marry. Did you have one too many drinks a year ago? It will be on your card. Go into a bar, (We will all have to show our cards there. They will have the readers.), and the bartender will give you two beers at most. You see, if you are pulled over for a DUI after your card is marked, he's going to jail for 20 years. He's not going to take that chance. In other words, forget about worker Christmas parties for the rest of your life. Forget about unwinding with your co-workers at the end of the week. It will be to embarrassing, when you are cut off while you are still totally sober.

If there ever is a chance you ever get so mad that you protest something and are "detained" or arrested, it will go on your card, not as a protester, but as dangerous and anti-society. Try getting on a plane with that mark, or a passport to travel overseas.

Are you a manager who actually requires an honest days work from your employees? You know there are those that will use the system to get a mark on your card. It's a delicate thing to fire anyone these days. It will in the future be difficult to manage anyone, because once you get that mark on the card, you won't be managing anyone.

Do you like to speak out on topics, with no malice intended against any specific group? Forget about it. You will be branded a speaker of "hate," and it will go on your card.

These marks will all take time to be added to the cards at first, and the twists and turns may be different from the ways I have identified them here, but at some point the "worker" card will be the social security card on steroids.

There is no one in the United States who, if they live long enough, won't be negatively impacted by the card in some way. You will live a life in a tortured way so that you don't get a mark on your card, but eventually you will, anyway. We all will.

The card will become an evil instrument of control. It will eventually torture our lives.

Stop the card now. Obama's pose as neutral on this card is nonsense. No one wants this card except Obama's crony union leadership, who want to keep out the illegal workers and control a larger percentage of the overall workforce.


  1. Well done. This could become the stealth issue of the year. Especially if the Health Care Bill fails to pass.

  2. Horrible.

    India has one in the works too.
    The ex chief of Infosys is behind that one.

    Public outcry stopped it in UK a while back..might be coming back now..

    You're worried about digging up dirt.

    I'm worried how easy it will be to make up dirt..

  3. ID Cards - an Historical View

    "Does history tell us anything about the main purpose of ID schemes? History shows strong recurring themes.

    "Surprisingly, again and again, the main function has been controlling labour and the workforce, to serve the objective of creating a command economy. Suppression of political dissent has been in second place, although often a ‘close second’."

    It is important to recognise the introduction of ID cards as a global phenomenon, part of a global strategy on personal information, as described in the following articles: -
    ID Cards - Intergovernmental Cooperation in Worldwide Implementation

    ID Cards - a World View

    "Electronic ID cards have made alarming progress towards becoming universal, around the world. Already, over 2.2 billion people, or 33% of the world’s population, have been issued with ‘smart’ ID cards. Of those, over 900 million have biometric facial and fingerprint systems. On present plans, over 85% of the world’s population will have smart ID cards by 2012. Most of the remaining population won’t have escaped - largely, they are already enrolled in earlier generation ID systems, often in repressive states, such as Myanmar (Burma)"

  4. Interestingly of one of those articles is that ID cards are about facilitating increased numbers of migrant workers - that ID cards are just about creating the means to manage and control them
    ID Cards - Intergovernmental Cooperation in Worldwide Implementation

  5. Love the article.

    The only thing I don't understand is the "managing people" at the workplace point that you make. Every family member that I have who works in the "professional" environment are basically forced to come in early, stay late, bring work home with them, pay "babysitters" to take care of their kids during extra hours of work, and basically become a serf to the corporate overlord all without $ compensation.

    I think you are severely overplaying the effect "the card" will have on the ability to "manage people" (which made me feel a little ill when I read it). Perhaps the # of sexual harassment law suits and similar suits are abused. However, I've seen a trend in the professional world that is aiding the government to separate families and turn life into "your job" instead of using a job to live your life.

    The rest of your article is perfect. However, "managing people" is hardly the way we should be thinking about each other. Communism and Capitalism are really good friends when you see how "Capitalists" are securing basically every piece of property in the world and restricting the middle and lower classes. This is why we see the "disappearance" of the middle class.

    It's becoming serf / lord situation here in America and the card will make it worse. But I really don't see preventing mega-corporations from firing people for not giving free labor (IE working earlier than 8 till after 5 with a half hour lunch with no overtime b/c of salary based pay) as being a bad thing.

    However, this card is definitely not a good thing. It's the beginning of overt socialism in the country instead of the subversive socialism that we've all become so comfortable with.

  6. this is not a "states" issue,these plans are global in nature.

  7. Re: Lila Rajiva

    Heck...imagine if a "Lilla Rajiva" did something bad and someone forgot the second "l." We've seen how difficult it is to get the government to correct a mistake...

    We are in very difficult times.

  8. This video is a great reason why we should not get to gung ho about term limits. If we had TL's would we be haring the truth from people like Ron Paul.

    The best TL is at the voting booth. A few incumbents are PRO USA & want to preserve the nation. We need to keep these few IN office.

    We MUST have people in DC who will fight to keep this card crap that will lead to total govt control.

    Like the good Dr. Paul says, either we believe in freedom or we don't. My self, I do NOT trust the govt.


  9. This sentence, next to last, should have read:

    We MUST have people in DC who will fight to protect US from this card crap that will lead to total govt control & later into a one world govt.

    Posted to quickly.


  10. In Australia a previous social democratic government attempted to bring in a national ID card. The claim was it would reduce tax evasion and welfare fraud. (Today the claim would be anti-terrorism.) As it turned out the proposal was defeated by a genuine and broadly based left and right coalition. This is the kind of thing many libertarian armchair strategists dream about.

    (The history of the anti-Card campaign is summarised here.)

    The trouble is that winning the battle is not winning the war. Despite an apparently successful mass public campaign, the bureaucrats ultimately got most of what they wanted anyhow, by making tax file numbers compulsory for creating bank accounts and a variety of less obviously invasive measures.