Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sachs Bails, Is Geithner Next?

Tim Geithner's key adviser, Lee Sachs, is leaving Treasury.

Can it really be expected that Geithner will be at Treasury much longer?

It is common knowledge that Geithner is running Treasury with training wheels on. Rahm Emanuel is holding up the back of the bike, when he isn't plotting revenge against some real or imagined enemy. Day to day stability comes from Sachs.

Sachs likes to operate under the radar, so there isn't much out there on the web. Here's on him:
As one of the first economic officials to join the Obama transition team, Sachs shuttled between the Fed and the George W. Bush Treasury. Serving as a counselor to Geithner, Sachs wields tremendous influence, but didn't have to endure the arduous Senate confirmation process. Geithner placed Sachs on his crisis-response team, in which he oversaw a half-dozen Treasury aides.
Two other top Geithner advisers remain, Jake Siewert and Gene Sperling.

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  1. Lee Sachs is all over the White House visitor list, proving his heavy hitter status. Not just any staffer meets with the big boys.