Sunday, March 21, 2010

Top Ten

Below are the Top Ten most viewed EPJ posts for the week ending Saturday March 20, 2010:

#1 Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill  (Returns after missing last week. 36th week on list)

#2 The National Worker ID Card as an Evil Instrument of Control (2nd week on list)

#3 Steep Fall in Gold Coin Sales in Europe

#4 ALERT: Huge Money Market Outflows

#5 Fire at New York City CFTC Offices Forces Temporary Relocation

#6 The New U.S. Government Off Balance Sheet Scam  (This is the BIG story. It should have been #1)

#7 A Slimy Friend

#8  Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill, Part 2  (Returns to the Top Ten, after months off)

#9 Schiff versus Krugman

#10  What about Gold in the Next Down Leg?

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