Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Trojan Krugman

By William L. Anderson
As a faculty member of a state university in Maryland, I am used to hearing other faculty members substitute Democratic Party talking points for conversation, as most of them are True Believers who defend their party with religious zeal. If the Party declares a certain State of Being, then whatever it decrees becomes the New Reality.

It does not surprise me that professors in English or Political Science would hold to such views, as they are open political partisans. However, I expect more from economists, and especially economists who have Nobel Prizes. I cannot imagine ever having heard political talking points from someone like F.A. Hayek, George Stigler, Gary Becker, or James Buchanan, especially in print. These Nobel laureates believed that their job was to promote and apply sound economic theory, not be shills for political parties or their chosen candidates.

Unfortunately, Paul Krugman is not held to the same standards, nor does he hold himself to any standards but those of stooping to the latest set of talking points from the White House, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. Thus, his latest column demonstrates beyond a doubt that he is willing to promote pure fantasy when it comes to budget numbers, and work in tandem with his part-time employer, the New York Times, to try to convince us that something akin to Harry Potter Economics really exists.

I will go one step further: I believe wholeheartedly that Krugman knows this bill will be disastrous and will create utter chaos in the field of medical care. Into that void will ride the deus ex machina government with a "new" universal plan that will be something out of Canada Care or the British National Health Service. The state takeover of medical care then will be complete. If anything, this bill is the Ultimate Trojan Horse that once passed is going to guarantee that what is left of private enterprise in medical care will be destroyed.

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