Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Capital for World Bank Signals More Global Trouble Ahead

EPJ has learned that, at the G-20 meetings to be held later this week in Washington D. C., the United States will call for significant increases in capital for the World Bank.

The World Bank continues to be used as a conduit by which global banks are bailed out of bad, generally sovereign, loans. The bailouts naturally come with severe restrictions for bailed out countries. However, the enforcement role of the World Bank and the IMF is something that is now understood at the street level in most countries that could be the subject of bailouts. This understanding means that the locals in most cases are not likely to quietly accept fiscal restrictions that are seen as largely the bailout of  banksters at their expense. How much civil unrest occurs as a result of anti-bankster sentiment is unclear. Things could get pretty ugly.

Bottom line: While government leaders are painting a hopeful picture of the economy, what needs to be paid attention to is not the happy talk, but the actions of global leaders which is all about re-stocking for more financial problems ahead.


  1. The US is calling for more capital for the world bank, and again the American taxpayer will have to pony up billions to save banks (and countries) around the world from going bankrupt. Welcome to the loss of our sovereignty and the ushering in of a New World Order that Henry Kissinger has often spoken about as something the world desperately needs. I'm not a partisan (I despise what both of our major political parties do), but must add that Kissinger has been a major supporter of President Obama and believes he's the right leader to take our nation and others of the Western world into a one world government. You can probably find Kissingers' statements on video about the NWO and his confidence in Obama to make it happen. YouTube is a good place to start, if interested.

  2. Jeez. I have thought for the last 10 years that the people at were generally crazy - however, now I am left wondering.

    A funding "crisis" for the World Bank / IMF cartel - who would have thought?

    SDR's as a "currency", bailouts the 'smart' move of the economic day - I can sense a global hyperinflation starting to bare its teeth, pre-planned to lead to a One World Government.

    Not good.