Friday, May 21, 2010

HOT: Alan Grayson and Ron Paul Co-Sponsor Huge Anti-Military Spending Tax Cut Bill

The War Is Making You Poor Act calls for no taxes on the first $35,000 of  income of every individual in the United States .

Here is a must see clip of Representative Alan Grayson introducing the bill:


  1. Just plain silly...politics, politicians, and that false religion called "government".

  2. This would be more impressive if he was a no vote on giving Israel 205 million for a missile defense system the IDF would not fund.
    Only 4 reps voted against the bill.
    John Conyers (D – MI), Dennis Kucinich (D – OH), Ron Paul (R – TX), and Pete Stark (D – CA).
    It passed 410-4

  3. Like his previous legislation or not, gotta love this bill. ♥