Thursday, June 10, 2010

DayTrends Jumps All Over Jim Cramer; Brutal

Vic Scherer  tweets:
I was tracking Cramer's calls religiously up until about the time FastMoney came on. He was getting worse &worse. Very easy call to switch$$

Traders make calls every day, better ones thn Cramer. But Cramer makes investor calls. How many do that well? Tough job that he sucks at $$

Bashing Cramer is what traders do who don't want the buy-only world to think they can rest easy. @ReformedBroker $$

I learned a LOT from Cramer's yellow book, which was half about his wife. But his realtime calls on TV got just terrible. $$

Seriously doubting, SERIOUSLY, that Cramer offers insight that even complements that avlabl on the @StockTwits suggested stream.ForgetCmr $$

Cramer taught me a LOT when Netscape was a stock, then his yellow book taught me even more. Get it. $$
ZeroHedge started it:
Can Cramer discuss his Buy reco on BP from two weeks ago?

Cramer Goes From Buy To Bye Bye On BP, Loses Fans 33%

But at least this was not as bad as his call to buy Bear in advance of the bank losing 95% of its value, his defenders will intone. And we would agree

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