Friday, June 25, 2010

GDP Q1 Growth Lowered

That mass aggregation that will give you as much insight into the economy as a re-run of a Three Stooges episode has been revised downward from 3.0% to 2.7%. (My guess is that fewer copies of Bob Murphy books were sold in Q1 than originally projected.)


  1. The causality is the other way. When the economy crashes my book sales will skyrocket. I'm short America.

  2. If the Consumer Metrics Institute data is a good predictor of GDP reports, would it be worth shorting stocks in late August right before the govt GDP # comes out? A negative GDP report could cause a nice drop.

  3. RW - one definition of stooge is a straight man being taken advantage of by more powerful people. This concept was portrayed brilliantly by The Three Stooges in their entertainment career and I object to your mis-use of their name. Clearly these GDP reports are issued by a powerful organization to take advantage of the less powerful.

    However, the government is clueless about the real economy and so a more appropriate characterization would be to descriobe them as Keystone kops.