Friday, June 11, 2010

Lew Rockwell on the Future of Liberty

Michael McKay emails that he will have Lew Rockwell on his radio show, Saturday:

Lew will discuss the Disastrous Effects of Government Intervention on Jobs, Businesses and How to Quickly Cure Unemployment.

We will talk about The Future of Liberty in America and the Practical Steps Each Person Can Take to End the Spread of Tyranny.

Lew was, in the 1960s an editor for the books of Ludwig von Mises and he was Ron Paul's Chief of Staff in the 1970's.

He is the Founder and Chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and Editor of - two websites having among the highest Internet Traffic in the entire world. In our opinion the website,, is the most valuable website for anyone in the world who wants to learn Reality Economics.

We are very honored to have Lew on our show and know that everyone will find him an extraordinary teacher from whom to learn.
The show airs on Saturday 1-2PM CDT via the Republic Broadcast Network. You can listen in at

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