Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Elizabeth Warren Promotion Show Continues

WaPo is running a Beth Marlowe interview with Elizabeth Warren. It's obviously part of the campaign to get Warren name recognition and favorables among the populous so she can be named head of the new Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

In the interview, the media savvy Warren says she doesn't like Washington and isn't a Washington type person. But every indication is she does like to dictate. During the height of the financial crisis, as head of the TARP oversight committee, she went way beyond want most saw as the designated task of the committee and came out with a report that included nationalizing the banking system as one sensible option.

Given her lack of basic economic understanding, the stubborn Warren at the CFPB would result in destruction of entire sectors of the financial industry.


  1. Hahaha what a knee-slapper! The old "Reluctantly Wielding Massive Power For The Good Of All" schtick!

    "God, this sounds like such a horrible job, being Emperor of the Universe... did you even WANT that job?!"
    "Oh, God, no! Not in my wildest fantasies. It's just so stressful, working for everyone in the universe everyday. You never have a moment to yourself. I mean I guess my own private spacecraft with an army of attendants is nice, but really it pales in comparison to what I sacrifice daily for the good of mankind. I wouldn't use these words, but others have-- I'm a martyr, really."

  2. The reason no bill is two pages long is we the regular people could read it and understand it.
    Just remember Nancy Pelosi's comment you have to pass it before you know what is in it.Then we screw you until you like it.